19 April 2016

The clueless student's guide to University

After three years of being saturated with this so-called Uni life, I still don't really know what I'm doing most of the time. 

I'm usually the clueless one amongst my peers and the main (and most advisable) thing that I've learnt over these years is to just show up, because that's half the battle. I've put together a few simple tricks that you can incorporate into your days between bringing the wrong textbook to class and being lost on campus.

For us clueless students, it's all about faking it 'til we make it (to graduation)! Best of luck, darlings.

Avoid saying "I don't know" in tutorials
Sooner or later, you'll be sitting in a tutorial and your tutor will call upon you to ask for your opinion on something that you are completely clueless about. Instead of shitting yourself waiting for that to happen then responding with an awkward silence followed by "I don't know", write down a few notes while the discussion is just starting up. You could make a comment on something that was said or start your response with "I think it's interesting how..."

Stay on top of your assignments 
One of the worst things to happen during your time a Uni, is having your workload snowball so much that you can no longer keep up with it all. Being organised and up-to-date with your tasks is one of the best things to get in the habit of.

Do the readings
No one wants to do them. No one. But it's another one of those things that should be done if you want to know what everyone's going on about. Take a few notes while doing the readings so that you can refer back to them in class.

Ask your tutor questions
They're there to help you! Don't be afraid to ask about something that you're unsure of.  If you prefer, take a few minutes after class to have a chat with them.

Make a few friends
Here's the good bit. Meet some like-minded peeps and be clueless together. At the end of the day, there will always be other students walking around campus that have no idea what the f*** they're doing and that's totally okay.

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