25 February 2016

Things I Learnt at the Westpac O-Weekender

Last week, Westpac put together their first ever O-Weekender event made to inspire Uni students and their motivations, dreams and goals.

As soon as I saw the lineup for this shindig, I called up a gal pal and booked us a pair of complimentary tickets. You can't resist a lineup consisting of Eddie Perfect as MC and inspirational talks from people like Jamie Green, Natalie Tran and Megan Washington.

It just so turned out that I left the event motivated and inspired. Damn those well-spoken and insightful talks.

In case you missed out on this O-Weekender event, here's what stuck out for me. These are the four things that I learnt.

#1 Failures make a good story
If you succeed in something, then you succeed; if you fail at it, then it makes a good story. This little bit of wisdom that Megan Washington spoke of really stuck with me.

#2 Others in the online industry have the same struggles
Natalie Tran spoke about how people who work in the online industry have to be fast in delivering out information. Content needs to be uploaded fast and that can be a lot of pressure. I mean, am I right guys???

#3 I did the 'first year social life' wrong. Both times.
I'll start off with the fact that I never really got into the clubbing scene. Besides getting drunk and having a laugh, there's no appeal for me, and even then I wouldn't want to pay a ridiculous price for a drink. Secondly, anxiety. No matter how hard I'm working on it, it holds me back. And lastly, I came into Uni thinking that I would be there to go to class, do the work, make a few life-long mates and go home. But at the end of the day, I'd have a degree having no experience of that fully enriched Uni life.

#4 Use fear to your advantage
I'm naturally a nervous and anxious person and I've always believed that it disables me to do certain things. Things like speeches, presentations, interviews etc. scare the shit out of me. By listening to the motivational talks, it taught me to use that fearful energy and use it to push myself and enable myself to do things that scare the shit out of me.

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