22 January 2016

What's on my face at the moment?

It's been a while since we've chatted about beauty products and, as a result, I've grown my makeup collection, changed my makeup routine and found new beauty loves!

You'll find both drugstore and high-end makeup on my face at the moment. You really do feel a sense of empowerment and luxury when you wear anything high-end, but drugstore brands are really stepping up their game in terms of quality and price, which really is music to anyone's ears.

All in all, you should definitely look into these products if you're looking for new makeup for your own lovely face xo

Maybelline Baby Skin
I haven't bought a Primer in years. That being said - I haven't used a Primer in years. That might seem a little weird for any beauty buffs, but I feel as if I haven't found any reason to use one. I was watching one of Bianca's videos and she convinced me to buy this product. It wasn't long until I started reading up on reviews and soon enough I found myself at the Chemist Warehouse counter paying for a this Primer. The first Primer I've bought in years. Buy it here!

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer in 'Soft Beige'
On my lazy makeup days, you'll usually find me with some Concealer under my eyes, powder brushed on my face, brows done and a bit of Mascara. This Concealer really does the job - it covers my excessive dark circles (which I really need to sort out) and gives the illusion that I've really woken up. Buy it here!

Marc Jacobs Genius Gel Foundation in 'Bisque Medium'
I was convinced by someone (I've forgotten now!) on Snapchat that I needed to buy this. You only need the tiniest pump of this product for good coverage. The gel formula absorbs really well into the skin giving you that airbrush look. It's fab, hands down. Buy it here!

Maybelline Lash Sensational
Just like the millions of other people who rave about this Mascara, I'm obsessed. I usually don't venture out to try new Mascara's, but I felt obliged after seeing and reading so many positive reviews of this product. It's everything I want and need in a Mascara - it lifts, volumises, lengthens, doesn't smudge and it's easy to wash off. Buy it here!

Rimmel Lip Liner in 'Cappuccino'
If you're looking for an affordable dupe for MAC's 'Whirl', then this is it. It's the perfect shade of brown and lasts pretty well. I've always talked up Rimmel Lip Liners, so to find one in my favourite MAC shade was such a treat. Buy it here!

The Balm Powder Blush in 'Pinstripe'
The best thing about this shade is that it's brown enough to contour your face a little, and it has that deep purple shade that I've been on the endless hunt for. Yes, it's intended to be worn in the 'Fall' season, but it's such a nice colour to wear even in the Australian summer! Buy it here!

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8 January 2016

7 reasons why freelancing as a student is a good idea

During my short 20 years of life, I've experienced and worked in various workplace situations. I've tried working in food, fashion retail, with kids at a bowling alley and arcade, and you can't forget to add the 9 to 5 office job into the mix.

I'm all for doing things that make you happy, and being stuck in a job that doesn't motivate me every day isn't something that I would want put myself through. 

Overtime, I discovered that I couldn't see myself in a retail or food workplace environment, working with kids just wasn't my thing and, although I enjoyed working an office job, working 9am to 5pm obviously wasn't convenient for me being a student.

I began blogging when I finished High School and I've always found it enjoyable and exciting. So, at the end of 2014, I was lucky enough to be taken on board by a fabulous fashion company from all the way from California as their site Blogger. More recently, I decided to become a writer for a student life website

It's all very exciting. Still.

It's also all worked out really well for me being a full-time student. So, if you're in the same boat, here's a few words to convince you that being a freelancer is hands down awesome.

1. Your office can be anywhere
One day it could be your bedroom or at your mates apartment; the next day you could make the train your office while on your way to Uni. 

2. You work your own hours
Working on your own watch is just great - just as long you reach your deadlines of course! 

3. No need to worry about what you wear to work
If you decide that you're just going to working from home today, there's no need to decide whether your outfit is workplace appropriate. You could work in your PJs all day if you wanted. 

4. Say hello to free time
You always hear your friends complaining about working 8 hour shifts too often, but as a freelancer, you don't work on those kind of timetables. Say hello to all that extra time that you can have for completing assignments or studying. 

5. You practice organisation. And you get good at it.
When you're working to a deadline, you get used to managing your time well and that is an awesome skill to have in all life situations. 

6. Don't worry about punctuality
You can't be late to work when you're a freelancer. It's the best knowing that you can work around your classes so that you can prioritise your student life.

7. You earn money for something you enjoy doing
If your freelance job stemmed from a hobby of yours, then you're lucky as hell. Getting paid to do something you enjoy doing is just too cool.

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