22 August 2015

11 Things Everyone Was Thinking During The 'Drag Me Down' Video

It doesn't matter if you're 13 or 30; everyone has a little place in their heart for a boyband binge.

One Direction released their first single as a four-piece earlier this month. They released the track out of the blue, which was a deliciously pleasant surprise. 

Just a few hours ago, the music video for Drag Me Down made its way around the Interwebs and surely, fans made #DragMeDownVideo a trending topic as well as making it one of the most popular hashtags of the month so far.

So what do you think? Did these 11 things cross your mind while watching the Zayn-less boyband run a muck at the NASA headquarters?

  1. I need to know the budget of this music video.
  2. Harry needs more screen time with him singing and looking straight into the camera
  3. Harry looks f***ing gorgeous in that Saint Laurent Varsity jacket
  4. We need to thank Liam for not cutting that hair
  5. and thank God it's not a Ben Winston video
  6. Everyone deserves more sweaty Liam in their life
  7. *screams inaudible sounds whenever Louis appears on screen
  8. These dolly shots and fast cuts give me life
  9. Harry is apparently Niall's fashion inspo
  10. Perfection is Harry's vocals in the last chorus
  11. Let me re-watch that again. At least 5 times.
Watch the Drag Me Down music video here and read more lists here

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12 August 2015


 The newest addition to the Daisy Dream Fragrance family is beautifully inspired by eternal blue skies: infinitely reaching and never-ending. Daisy Dream Forever captures the youthful and ethereal charm of Marc's dream girl.

Compared to the previous fragrances from the Daisy Dream family, this perfume is a deeper interpretation of the key notes of Blackberry, Blue Wisteria and White Woods. Daisy Dream Forever has Top notes of Blackberry, Grapefruit and Pear; Heart of Jasmine, Lychee and Blue Wisteria; Base notes of White Woods, Musk and Coconut Water.
It's staying power is reminiscent of the inspiration of blue skies - never-ending. Like a fine wine, once the perfume is spritzed onto the skin, the scent becomes enriched as it wears on your skin. This sophisticated and flirty scent is the perfect perfume to suit women of all ages as its sweetness is subtle and has the perfect amount of finesse. It's refinement in an elegantly dress bottle.

Daisy Dream Forever Eau De Parfum retails at $120 for 50ml

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Forever is available now at Myer and David Jones, and 1st September at Sephora Australia

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9 August 2015

30 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Date a Design Student

We think differently, we look at things differently, we analyse things differently. Design Students are fucking weird and we are un-dateable.

  1. Pinterest is already their everything
  2. They will make a workspace whenever and wherever they please
  3. and they'll ruin surfaces with blade marks
  4. They'll choose a place to eat based on how aesthetically pleasing the interior is
  5. All of they're Instagram photos have to be edited immaculately
  6. They will never shut up about fonts
  7. especially about how bad Comic Sans is and how great Helvetica is
  8. They'll judge the menu design before they look at what's on the menu
  9. Printers become they're best friend and worst enemy
  10. Pixelated photos are equally annoying as they are hilarious
  11. You'll spark the biggest argument you'll have in your life if you state that those 2 shades of red look exactly the same.
  12. They excessively buy things they don't need because they like the packaging
  13. Every idea has to be shared and/or written down
  14. They'll drag you to see talks/exhibitions/gigs of people who you've never heard of
  15. Asking them to simply print something for you becomes a questionnaire
  16. They will download multiple Apps to customise the design of their phone
  17. They even need they're computer screensaver to look good
  18. They require mass amounts of either Coffee or Tea
  19. They'll always ask for your opinion on they're work
  20. Brainstorming is a normal part of decision-making
  21. They're always uninspired at the wrong times
  22. Gift-wrap shopping takes longer than necessary
  23. Get used to rants about dumb design briefs
  24. Once they learn coding, they'll never speak words you understand ever again
  25. They'll get frustrated when they have to look at a website that uses HTML5
  26. Every film that you see will have to be analysed like you're back in English class
  27. They're glued to their Macs 
  28. They spend too much money at Art Supply stores
  29. Wherever you go, they'll always point out typography flaws
  30. They will never sleep and then complain about it

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