31 July 2015


 Dear MTV and the Finding Carter cast and crew,
Please be prompt in letting the above Television Series return to screens. It's crucial that I know what happens next to essentially every character as soon as possible.
Especially Max and Taylor.
Yours Sincerely,


For someone who's nearing their twenties, tween television shows are becoming more and more of an eye roll.

At first I started watching Finding Carter purely because the main character was played by Skins favourite Kathryn Prescott. I was expecting a lispy English accent, but out came an American one. And it was flawless.

The first few episodes were mostly me pushing through the borderline cringe 'teen TV series' writing and predicting what was going to happen next. It wasn't until the iconic scene where Max and Taylor make croutons together where I became unexpectedly hooked. Which was only 2 or 3 episodes in.

I am a self admitted sucker for cheesy teen romance. The 'Maxlor' ship was a guilty pleasure that I loved too much, too quickly. The show depicted that relationship perfectly. 

Taylor Wilson, played by Anna Jacoby-Heron and Max, played by Alex Saxon are a match made in heaven and seeing them on screen together brought out the swooning tween in me. They were magic and are the reason why I need more episodes of Finding Carter.

Alex Saxon has announced that there will be more Finding Carter episodes - queue the overly excited squeals. The cast members have been posting on social media teasing about filming the new episodes and it's getting me very, very excited.

New episodes of Finding Carter return on October 6th on MTV!

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