25 June 2015

7 Things | Versatile Blogger Award

The blogging community is great. Everyone is super supportive and tags such as this one exists. 
The Versatile Blogger Award. 

Although it isn't an actual award, it has a cool ring to it. Firstly, thank you to the lovely Fern from Blackesque who nominated me for this award. This means that I get to share a few facts about myself, so grab a cup of tea and read the uninteresting facts about the girl behind this blog!

- Thank the person who nominated you
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My favourite film isn't actually a movie, but a TV mini-series. Wuthering Heights. The 2009 version. The first time I watched it was actually in my Advanced English class in Year 11. Everyone else sitting in class probably hated it but I secretly loved it. Who doesn't love a bit of Tom Hardy??

I haven't not had my nails painted for years. In my senior years of high school, I discovered a Sally Hanson nail colour in 'Radiant Rose' and wore that shade to death. After that, it felt weird to have naked nails so I've never gone more than a few minutes without some sort of nail varnish on.

I've never worked in retail or in fast food. Sure I started job hunting when I was 14 or 15-years old and I got a few job trials in both the fast food industry and in fashion retail. I hated both scenes and I couldn't see myself working in those types of environments.
I worked as a Party Host at a bowling alley venue for a few months though, which was interesting...

It's a must for me to visit Europe at least once. Not a want, a must. For as long as I can remember, it's been at the top of my non-existent bucket list to visit the awe-inspiring countries in Europe. 

I have an unexpected love for One Direction. Ask me 2 years ago if I liked the biggest boyband of my generation and I would've answered with a sarcastic comment mocking the then 5-piece boyband. I probably should be embarrassed to admit that I screamed the whole way through their concert.

I was mistaken for a celebrity in the Philippines. I was at a Hot Springs pool and waterfall attraction and I'd just walked by the pools to start the trek to the waterfalls. A girl spotted myself and my brother, told her friends that we were "artista's" (actors) and to "mabalis" (be quick) in getting a camera because we were leaving. Pretty funny stuff.

I'm in the middle of reading at least 4 books and finishing at least 5 TV shows. Yep, I'm the worst. And don't suggest any good books or shows that I should 'check out' because I'll probably start them too.


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