26 April 2015

21 thoughts every first year Uni student has

 This is the second year of me being a first year student so I'm pretty much overly qualified to write this post.

For some, the first year of Uni can be a breeze and for others, first year can just be one huge WHAT THE F*** moment. But we all have one thing in common though - we can all agree that we've had at least one of these thoughts cross our mind on those days when you have to get up at crazy early o'clock and the biggest bag you bring on campus are your eye bags.

1. I don't understand anything

2. Am I supposed to be in this room?

3. I need food

4. Shit, I'm lost

5. What am I supposed to wear tomorrow

6. Ugh

7. I should probably start that assignment

8. Everyone is so much smarter than me

9. What?

10. Will there be enough time to get food between my lecture and tutorial?

11. UGH

12. Is it too early to add them on Facebook

13. Group Assignment? NO

14. Where am I going?

15. What is everyone talking about?

16. I'm so tired

17. Will it matter if I skip this tutorial?


19. I wonder if this person remembers my name

20. Wait I'm so confused

21. What was their name?

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