23 February 2015

My Summer sounded like...


Unfortunately I'm still a student and my Summer (and holidays!) are over. It's back to assignments, presentations and long train trips for me as I start at a new University - yep, I'm a first year student once again :(

It saddens me to think that my nearly 4 month break has ended, although, I have listened to some pretty great music over the break that I want to share. We're going back to good old Words By Femme playlist posts! I haven't done one of these in a couple of months so I'm excited to share some new bangers with you all! 

Over the break I spent a lot of time with friends (who are my main music inspirations). Conversations over meals, concert-going and long drives to no where in particular have led me to love some of these tracks, forever leaving a sentimental value to them. If you have Spotify, I've made a special playlist for you to follow if you'd like! Enjoy, lovelies x

First Love - The Maccabees

9 - Willow Smith ft. SZA

Black Space - Taylor Swift

Heavy Metal and Reflective - Azealia Banks

Girl Almighty - One Direction

How You Get The Girl - Taylor Swift

Love Me Like You Do - Ellie Goulding

Four Door Aventador - Nicki Minaj

***Flawless - Beyoncé

Chasing Time - Azealia Banks

Wonderland - Taylor Swift

Pitbull Terrier - Die Antwoord

Beggin For Thread - Banks

Style - Taylor Swift

No Control - One Direction

From The Ritz to The Rubble - Arctic Monkeys

Partition - Beyoncé

Declare Independence - Bjork

Clouds - One Direction

Only - Nicki Minaj ft. Drake, Lil' Wayne & Chris Brown

7/11 - Beyoncé

Better Than Words - One Direction

Light Up This Room - Mumm-Ra

Out Of The Woods - Taylor Swift

Cigarette Smoker Fiona - Arctic Monkeys

Bad Blood - Taylor Swift

New Slaves - Kanye West

Goddess - Banks

Fireproof - One Direction

Sex - Die Antwoord

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