31 January 2015

Things I wish I knew in High School

High School is a pretty big deal. You come straight out of being a big fish in a small pond to a small fish in a big pond, and it's very, very scary. When I was in school, I asked people if they would re-live their high school days and they always answered with "If I knew what I know now." I never knew what they were talking about until I finished High School, so here are the things I wish I knew in High School.

  • Cherish your first day and soak up the experience
  • Sometimes you'll have fights with people you least expect to fight with
  • Year 7 doesn't matter
  • It's not a scary thing to ask for help
  • Wearing hair extensions to school is never a good idea
  • Never let the bully beat you
  • Do not chase after someone who you can't have
  • Speak up for yourself
  • Don't take things too seriously
  • Laugh more
  • Bring more glue sticks on first days
  • Sometimes you lose a friend or two along the way
  • Get your priorities right
  • Don't be so fake
  • Practice makes perfect 
  • Try not to procrastinate when you're a Senior Student
  • Participate more
  • Bottling up your emotions does you no good
  • It's okay to not know what to do after School
  • Cliques are childish
  • Look after yourself physically and mentally
  • Good, clean and comfortable shoes are everything
  • Appreciate how much time you have for everything - friends, assignments, helpful teachers
  • Don't be so embarrassed
  • Rebel sometimes
  • Good organisation skills will get you far
  • When you feel like giving up, don't

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24 January 2015

A day in the life of a Fashion Intern

Do you ever find yourself in the middle of the night with your laptop resting on your legs and you making last minute decisions to apply for Internships? I did - I found myself in this situation around September last year and turned out to be a surprisingly wonderful decision to say the least.

I interned at a Public Relations company called Elise Garland PR every Friday for a little over 3 months, 9:30am to 5:30pm. A career in PR wasn't and isn't my thing at all, but I've been genuinely interested in this company for months and I still hold a love for business, specifically in marketing. If you're looking to immerse yourself in the world of fashion, definitely do an Internship. 

They're not all about answering phones and going on coffee runs (I only ever answered one phone and went for one coffee run), but more about meeting people who have experience in the industry, learning new things and soaking in the experience with fab products.

Here's what a normal day at the showroom would be like. Here's a day in the life of a Fashion PR Intern.

9:26am Last minute makeup touch-ups and a quick selfie in the rusty elevator with a mirror
9:30am Walk in and greet everyone with communal Hey's, Hi's and Hello's
9:35am Settle into the Intern room. Look around for any send-outs/returns laying around
9:41am Ask your supervisor what I should start on first. He'll list a bunch of things that need to be done today
10:30am First send-out for the day to a big name magazine. Scan, wrap, bag, print, address, staple, done. Next.
12:00pm Batches of returns from stylists, magazines, TV networks make their way into the Intern room
12:10pm Take a peek at what clothes have been sent back to the showroom. Be in awe for a second.
12:25pm A little bit of merchandising!
12:40pm Listen to the office banter about what's hot and what's not
12:52pm Smell something amazing coming from the kitchen
1:12pm Visit a cute little city cafe for lunch
2:00pm Back at the showroom - have a chat then get back to work
2:30pm Steam a bunch of clothes and finish with only one or two burns
2:45pm Bangers are turned up. You know the usual: Beyoncé, Arctic Monkeys, Drake, Azealia Banks
3:10pm More send-outs to more stylists and wrapping up gifts for Bloggers complete with a cheeky little freebie for yourself
4:15pm A trip to the post office with the Beauty Intern
4:50pm Champagne and cheese with the girls and guys of the office
5:20pm Last minute clean and tidy of the showroom
5:30pm Time to leave for the day! Shout another communal farewell and that's you done for the week!

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19 January 2015


TOP / Surfstitch
SHORTS / Unknown local clothing store
NECKLACE / Lovisa*
EARRINGS / With Love Kirsten
SHOES / Ice Design
BAG / Asos
I've been living in outfits that comprise of majority white pieces, especially in the summertime - there's something about it that's so chic and effortless! These shorts have been my whole life recently. They were the last pair at this little clothing store around where I live and were only $6! I love how versatile it is and goes with any black or white crop regardless of the print. I cut up the bottom of this tee because I wanted it to be at a good length for shorts. It's from a brand called Banks, and yes, I did buy it because of the music artist!

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6 January 2015


This is your year to get organised and stay organised for the entire 365 days. Impossible? Nope.
Many of us lead busy lives, balancing jobs, hobbies, family and we still try our best to have a little time to ourselves. An organised lifestyle is a stress-free lifestyle, and I think I'd be correct in saying that everyone would love to have even just a snippet of that stress-free..ness. I've compiled some simple, yet effective ways you can stay organised and de-stress in 2015!

Make use of a calendar
It's always useful to see your schedule visually, so go out and get yourself a calendar - there's so many on the market right now! If you want an inspirational calendar to motivate you, grab one of those. If you want one with a different photo of Harry Styles every month, knock yourself out. No one is stopping you. I've got myself a minimal one this year, which was only $5 from K-Mart, proving that you don't even need to spend heaps to begin being organised this year. Write down all the events/assignments/jobs that you know need to be done throughout the year and constantly glance at your calendar, so you keep on track!

Keep a Year Diary
Unfortunately, you can't take a calendar with you everywhere. Good thing Year Diaries exist because they're extremely convenient - they're like a notepad, planner and a calendar all in one. You're able to flip through your schedule and know when and where you'll be on any particular day (just as long as you actually use it!). Carry your Diary in your handbag, so that they become your handy little organisational buddy.

De-clutter your workspace
In fact - de-clutter your entire life. Take a day or two to figure out your space; whether that's your apartment, your room or your desk. Embrace the minimal trend and clear out your workspace, leaving you with less clutter and less frustration. You could pass on some things to relatives, donate some unwanted goods to charity shops and you could sell the rest to make a few bucks. You know what they say: Cleaning and de-cluttering will clear and inspire your mind.

Spoil yourself
Be sure to have days where you unwind and have quality time to yourself. De-stress yourself and stay sane this year by spoiling yourself every once in a while, whether that be going on a well-deserved shopping spree, taking a trip to relax on the beach or just a simple calming bath with your favourite book. In order to stay organised this year, you need to clear and organise your mind first!

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