30 December 2015

6 Things To Say Goodbye To Before 2016

We see a lot of people making New Year resolutions that only ever last a few weeks. So why not forget the resolutions this time around and focus on things from the past 12 months that you need to let go of.

Welcome in the new year by reflecting on this past year. What are the things that you need to say goodbye to in order to be able to say hello to the new year, new adventures, new lessons and new experiences?

Say goodbye to the people who never give the effort back to you
A lot of us are guilty of missing someone who doesn't miss us at all, or caring too much about people who don't care half as much. It's exhausting and time-wasting and I'd like to see less of it this year.

Say goodbye to excessive use of social media
You can go without social media. You don't have to know what other people are doing every second of the day, so put your phone down and be in the moment.

Say goodbye to poisonous relationships
 If someone is bringing negativity into your life, it's time to learn how to shut them out and to be okay with that. They say you should surround yourself with people who are like you or who inspire you, not people who bring you down.

Say goodbye to the negative things people have said about you
 It's easy to hold on to other people's comments that hurt us the most. Instead, make more room for the positive comments, praises and compliments that you've received.

Say goodbye to missed opportunities
When reflecting back on this year, say goodbye to that trip that was cancelled or that lunch date with an old friend that was postponed. Make things happen!

Say goodbye to the pressure of impressing others
Do more things for yourself and not for the approval of other people. At the end of the day, you're happiness and well-being is paramount and you're the only one in charge!

Happy New Year!

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12 December 2015


There are a lot of great things about Spotify. Not only do they have nearly every song to have ever exist (yes nearly thank you Taylor Swift), but at the end of the year you can now look back at your year in music.

At the end of last year, Spotify let their users know what their most played song was. Mine was, of course, Bed Peace by Jhene Aiko ft. Childish Gambino a song that will always be a go-to.

This year, Spotify launched Your Year In Music, which tells users how and what they listened to in 2015. Spotify has also revealed what the world has listened to most this year.

Read on to see what I've been listening to this year. Follow me on Spotify here.

7 December 2015


T H E R E   H A S   B E E N   A N   A W A K E N I N G .

On Thursday night, Covergirl teamed up with fashion label Romance Was Born to deliver a spectacular collection of looks inspired by the newest Star Wars film Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Set in Sydney's Powerhouse Museum, the venue was buzzing with excited beauty guru's and eager fashionista's. With an endless supply of drinks making its way around the room, photo booths crowded, makeup booths filling up and storm troopers working the room, the Powerhouse Museum was transformed into the most futuristic fashion and beauty social hub.

A special performance from pocket rocket Tkay Maidza didn't disappoint either. Wearing a swing dress from the Romance Was Born x Star Wars collection, Tkay Maidza performed bangers like M.O.B, Uh-huh and her latest Ghost (which she played live in Australia for the first time!). The mini gig got myself and fellow Covergirl's dancing and jumping around and my night only got better when I was lucky enough to meet her after her set!

It's always an amazing outcome whenever fashion, beauty and film all collaborate with each other, and this collection was no exception.

The collection comprised of 'Light Side' and 'Dark Side' looks. The 'Light Side' saw everything shiny. Metallic fabrics, jeweled jumpsuits, reflective dresses and yes, everything was gorgeous. The 'Dark Side' had a lot of film stills printed on unique silhouettes. A lot of over-dramatic and structured pieces that reflect what Queens and politicians would typically wear in the Star Wars films.

Unfortunately, the collection will not be for sale to the public right now. Romance Was Born has stated that it's only a showcase collection at this stage.

A massive thank you to the Covergirl AU team and Novotel for this amazing experience x

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27 November 2015


Classic, romantic, bold. Day or night - red is always the perfect colour to wear on your lips.

There's no rule saying that you can't wear and embrace a red lip during all the seasons of the year. So whether it's cool or warm in your part of the world, it's time to re-visit your go-to red lipsticks and re-kindle your love for forgotten shades that live at the bottom of your makeup bag.

LIPSTICK / Limited Edition Star Wars Colorlicious by Covergirl in 'Red 30'

LIPSTICK / Moisturising Lipstick by Bloom* in 'Cutie Pie'

LIPSTICK / Lip Gloss by Tanya Burr in 'Lets Travel The World'

LIPSTICK / Viva la Diva Lipstick by Chi Chi Cosmetics in 'Boy Magnet'

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7 November 2015

4 Things To Know Before You Date A Scorpio

I'm not trying to say that being a Scorpio makes you automatically very cool but who are we kidding, all Scorpio's are very cool.

If your birthday falls between October 23 and November 21, then that makes you a Scorpio. It also makes you a loyal friend, a passionate lover and an independent person who is definitely not a follower of the norm.

So the person you're crushing on is a Scorpio? Here's a few things to know.

Once you get close to a Scorpio, they'll make sure that you stay in their life.
This isn't a bad quality at all. This isn't a case of them being the clingy type, it's just them appreciating the relationship that you've managed to build together. They try their absolute best to be a loyal friend to every person who gives the effort back and they value every strong relationship that they have. If you try to push a Scorpio away, especially if that relationship was mostly positives, it'll be extra difficult for a Scorpio to cope.

They may be private people, but they want to know every little thing about you.
Getting to know a Scorpio is a whole different ball game. They may come across as someone who's closed off and won't share personal things with you, but that's because they want to spent time with you and listen to you. They need to be able to trust you first above everything else. They're great listeners and the littlest details about you will be stored in their memory. What are you most passionate about? What's your favourite word? What were you like in Primary School?

You can never keep a secret from a Scorpio.
Don't even think about keeping a secret from a Scorpio because they'll figure it out. Again, they aren't some clingy relationship detective, they're just extremely observant people who are also amazing at joining the dots.

They may not be the romantic type, but...
they are amazing lovers. If you know what I mean. They're not really the type to overly romanticise a situation and they don't necessarily crave affection or a public display of affection for that matter. They're independent and assertive people who know what they want and when they want it.

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7 October 2015


Last Saturday, drunk and dancing music-loving Sydney-siders came together for Listen Out 2015. 

Touring around Australia, Listen Out set up camp in Sydney's Entertainment quarter at Centennial Park, making for a picturesque backdrop for this mental festival. 

12 September 2015

My Spring Essentials!

Happy Spring!

If you're anything like me, you'd be getting hella excited that Spring is well and truly underway. The Australian sun is out, the days are getting warmer and you get to change up your entire wardrobe - including what you carry in your bag! What's not to love?

It's a must to carry an array of lip products with you, especially at Springtime - you can never be over prepared. I always bring a Lip Plumping Gloss, a Pawpaw Balm, and a Nude Lipstick (Essence Lipstick in Glastonberry). This Essence lipstick is part of their latest collection now available in Priceline stores; Love & Sound, and I've officially named it my perfect Nude colour.
I always carry a drink with me and Ovi* delivers the goods. If you want a refreshing and Spring-perfect drink, grab an Ovi! 
Sunglasses are an obvious essential whenever the sun is out, and there are so many fab frames out there right now. These are from Gold Soul LA*, and I'm so in love with the exaggerated gold cat eye!

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22 August 2015

11 Things Everyone Was Thinking During The 'Drag Me Down' Video

It doesn't matter if you're 13 or 30; everyone has a little place in their heart for a boyband binge.

One Direction released their first single as a four-piece earlier this month. They released the track out of the blue, which was a deliciously pleasant surprise. 

Just a few hours ago, the music video for Drag Me Down made its way around the Interwebs and surely, fans made #DragMeDownVideo a trending topic as well as making it one of the most popular hashtags of the month so far.

So what do you think? Did these 11 things cross your mind while watching the Zayn-less boyband run a muck at the NASA headquarters?

  1. I need to know the budget of this music video.
  2. Harry needs more screen time with him singing and looking straight into the camera
  3. Harry looks f***ing gorgeous in that Saint Laurent Varsity jacket
  4. We need to thank Liam for not cutting that hair
  5. and thank God it's not a Ben Winston video
  6. Everyone deserves more sweaty Liam in their life
  7. *screams inaudible sounds whenever Louis appears on screen
  8. These dolly shots and fast cuts give me life
  9. Harry is apparently Niall's fashion inspo
  10. Perfection is Harry's vocals in the last chorus
  11. Let me re-watch that again. At least 5 times.
Watch the Drag Me Down music video here and read more lists here

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12 August 2015


 The newest addition to the Daisy Dream Fragrance family is beautifully inspired by eternal blue skies: infinitely reaching and never-ending. Daisy Dream Forever captures the youthful and ethereal charm of Marc's dream girl.

Compared to the previous fragrances from the Daisy Dream family, this perfume is a deeper interpretation of the key notes of Blackberry, Blue Wisteria and White Woods. Daisy Dream Forever has Top notes of Blackberry, Grapefruit and Pear; Heart of Jasmine, Lychee and Blue Wisteria; Base notes of White Woods, Musk and Coconut Water.
It's staying power is reminiscent of the inspiration of blue skies - never-ending. Like a fine wine, once the perfume is spritzed onto the skin, the scent becomes enriched as it wears on your skin. This sophisticated and flirty scent is the perfect perfume to suit women of all ages as its sweetness is subtle and has the perfect amount of finesse. It's refinement in an elegantly dress bottle.

Daisy Dream Forever Eau De Parfum retails at $120 for 50ml

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Forever is available now at Myer and David Jones, and 1st September at Sephora Australia

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9 August 2015

30 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Date a Design Student

We think differently, we look at things differently, we analyse things differently. Design Students are fucking weird and we are un-dateable.

  1. Pinterest is already their everything
  2. They will make a workspace whenever and wherever they please
  3. and they'll ruin surfaces with blade marks
  4. They'll choose a place to eat based on how aesthetically pleasing the interior is
  5. All of they're Instagram photos have to be edited immaculately
  6. They will never shut up about fonts
  7. especially about how bad Comic Sans is and how great Helvetica is
  8. They'll judge the menu design before they look at what's on the menu
  9. Printers become they're best friend and worst enemy
  10. Pixelated photos are equally annoying as they are hilarious
  11. You'll spark the biggest argument you'll have in your life if you state that those 2 shades of red look exactly the same.
  12. They excessively buy things they don't need because they like the packaging
  13. Every idea has to be shared and/or written down
  14. They'll drag you to see talks/exhibitions/gigs of people who you've never heard of
  15. Asking them to simply print something for you becomes a questionnaire
  16. They will download multiple Apps to customise the design of their phone
  17. They even need they're computer screensaver to look good
  18. They require mass amounts of either Coffee or Tea
  19. They'll always ask for your opinion on they're work
  20. Brainstorming is a normal part of decision-making
  21. They're always uninspired at the wrong times
  22. Gift-wrap shopping takes longer than necessary
  23. Get used to rants about dumb design briefs
  24. Once they learn coding, they'll never speak words you understand ever again
  25. They'll get frustrated when they have to look at a website that uses HTML5
  26. Every film that you see will have to be analysed like you're back in English class
  27. They're glued to their Macs 
  28. They spend too much money at Art Supply stores
  29. Wherever you go, they'll always point out typography flaws
  30. They will never sleep and then complain about it

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31 July 2015


 Dear MTV and the Finding Carter cast and crew,
Please be prompt in letting the above Television Series return to screens. It's crucial that I know what happens next to essentially every character as soon as possible.
Especially Max and Taylor.
Yours Sincerely,

3 July 2015


Every once in a while, we'll splurge on something that we really want. We've worked hard and we deserve it. The thing I splurged on were these shoes. 

I learned about the ZX Flux Xeno's about a week before its Australian release date on of my excessively frequent Adidas Shop browse. I had to have them!

When they were released on June 12th, they sold out online before I even woke up. I mean, I knew they were going to be popular, but not this popular. 

I went into the City the next day on a mission to leave with a pair of these shoes. I arrived at 10am. After asking sales assistant after sales assistant if they had any in stock, I found a pair on display at Hype DC on Pitt Street and it was in the size that I was after. I would be lying if I said I didn't snatch it off display and walked quicker than usual to the till. The lovely guy who served me told me it was the last pair that they had...

The ZX Flux Xeno's retails for $180 and although they're slightly on the expensive side, they're definitely worth it if you're wanting to the perfect statement sneaker. 

They're awesome to style and they're fairly versatile. If you're going for a fashion shoe with added comfort as a bonus - this shoe definitely fits the brief. 

My rule is: if you can't style it with 3 different outfits, don't buy it. You could wear these with your laziest trackies tucked in to a fitted top and you'd look effortlessly cool. My go-to outfit to pair with these shoes is simply some high shine tights, a loose fitting tee and a bomber jacket to finish it off. You could also rock the Xeno's with your best pair of jeans or shorts for warmer weather.

We have to talk about the reflective technology. It was ultimately inspired by the scales of the Xenopeltis Snake from Southeastern Asia. In natural daylight, the shoe will show off a slight iridescence, and in direct light or with use of a camera flash, the shoe turns a bright variety of reflective colours. It's pretty amazing to say the least and it's definitely a conversation starter. 

Unfortunately, the Adidas store will not be re-stocking the Xeno's because they were a limited release shoe. This means that shoe stores like Hype DC also won't be re-stocking the Xeno's. If you absolutely need the Adidas ZX Flux Xeno's in your life, people are selling this shoe on Ebay at seriously jacked up prices.

The Xeno reflective technology is also available on other popular Adidas shoe silhouettes like the iconic Superstar's. Again, these styles are sold out, but you may find them on Ebay.

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25 June 2015

7 Things | Versatile Blogger Award

The blogging community is great. Everyone is super supportive and tags such as this one exists. 
The Versatile Blogger Award. 

Although it isn't an actual award, it has a cool ring to it. Firstly, thank you to the lovely Fern from Blackesque who nominated me for this award. This means that I get to share a few facts about myself, so grab a cup of tea and read the uninteresting facts about the girl behind this blog!

- Thank the person who nominated you
- Include a link to their blog
- Select Bloggers to pass the award on to
- Tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself


My favourite film isn't actually a movie, but a TV mini-series. Wuthering Heights. The 2009 version. The first time I watched it was actually in my Advanced English class in Year 11. Everyone else sitting in class probably hated it but I secretly loved it. Who doesn't love a bit of Tom Hardy??

I haven't not had my nails painted for years. In my senior years of high school, I discovered a Sally Hanson nail colour in 'Radiant Rose' and wore that shade to death. After that, it felt weird to have naked nails so I've never gone more than a few minutes without some sort of nail varnish on.

I've never worked in retail or in fast food. Sure I started job hunting when I was 14 or 15-years old and I got a few job trials in both the fast food industry and in fashion retail. I hated both scenes and I couldn't see myself working in those types of environments.
I worked as a Party Host at a bowling alley venue for a few months though, which was interesting...

It's a must for me to visit Europe at least once. Not a want, a must. For as long as I can remember, it's been at the top of my non-existent bucket list to visit the awe-inspiring countries in Europe. 

I have an unexpected love for One Direction. Ask me 2 years ago if I liked the biggest boyband of my generation and I would've answered with a sarcastic comment mocking the then 5-piece boyband. I probably should be embarrassed to admit that I screamed the whole way through their concert.

I was mistaken for a celebrity in the Philippines. I was at a Hot Springs pool and waterfall attraction and I'd just walked by the pools to start the trek to the waterfalls. A girl spotted myself and my brother, told her friends that we were "artista's" (actors) and to "mabalis" (be quick) in getting a camera because we were leaving. Pretty funny stuff.

I'm in the middle of reading at least 4 books and finishing at least 5 TV shows. Yep, I'm the worst. And don't suggest any good books or shows that I should 'check out' because I'll probably start them too.


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23 May 2015

Photo Diary: The Rocks & Cockatoo Island

I take this subject for Uni called Design Thinking, which I mentioned in this post. As part of the subject, I partook in a group assignment on Cockatoo Island for 3 days last week, Monday to Wednesday, 9am to 4:30pm. 

There was an option for students to Glamp on the island (Yes Glamorous Camping is an actual thing), but I decided to book a hotel for myself at The Rocks because there was no way I was going to shiver for 3 days straight and not get any creativity out onto my assignment.

This was the first time I've stayed by myself somewhere other than my house and financed it all by myself. So this was a pretty cool thing for me.

9 May 2015


Ask me to style a pair of Culottes 2 years ago and you would've got me stumped for sure. 

I would've never thought to be caught wearing wide leg 3/4 pants at classy events, let alone owning two pairs and shooting/writing a styling post on these pants. But - here I am with a change of heart.

 Culottes are such a chic design that any one can pull off! Here are two ways that I would style Culottes. Which is your favourite look?

Top Boohoo
Culottes Vintage Chanel
Boots Spendless Shoes
Lips MAC Yung Rapunxel

Top Into
Culottes Bardot
Shoes K-Mart
Hat Supré
Lips BOE Cosmetics

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