24 November 2014

Gift ideas under $25!

Just a friendly reminder that Christmas is only 4 weekends away... Stressed? Don't be! If you haven't bought a present for all the girlies in your life, beat the Christmas rush in stores and shop online! Here are some gift ideas that won't leave your bank account crying; enjoy the peacefulness of shopping online, maybe pick something up for yourself and get excited for Christmas with these gift ideas under twenty-five bucks! Happy shopping x

Activity Journal | $19.95
Buy It From: COTTON ON

Models Own Fruit Pastel Nail Polish Collection | $20.00
Buy It From: BOOHOO

Zalora Square Shaped Canvas Backpack | $54.95 $11.00

Moroccan Design Black Frame | $10.00
Buy It From: K-MART

Novelty Flask | $24.95
Buy It From: COTTON ON

Purse Gift Set | $22.95
Buy It From: COLETTE

Peace Sign Ring Holder | $19.23
Buy It From: ASOS

Box of 8 Pyramid Chocolates | $22.00

Floral Set | $15.00
Buy It From: TATTLY

Fake It Cosmetic Case | $9.95
Buy It From: COTTON ON

Eyeko Skinny Liquid Line & Skinny Mini Mascara | $23.08
Buy It From: ASOS

Detox Pamper Pack | $14.42
Buy It From: ASOS

Love Print Cushion | $10.00
Buy It From: K-MART

Philosophy The Supernatural Coloring Book Makeup | $17.00

Underwater Camera | $19.95

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16 November 2014

What being a First Year Uni student has taught me

Illustration credit: Furrary

It's possible to get assignments done in a day
Trust me, it's an essential skill you'll need for University and it can be done. Working towards such a close deadline is such great motivation... but I strongly advise that you stay away from doing assignments in one day.

A week is plenty of time to complete an assignment
In high school I would spend at least a week to just read and decode an assignment brief, but at Uni I was given a week or less to decipher briefs and complete the task. I got so used to rushing things and doing assignments back-to-back that towards the end of the year, a week seemed like more than enough time to complete a big assignment. 

Balance is essential
Only take on the things that you know that you can. It's awesome if you want to push yourself, but the last thing you want is to be stressed and upset with life.

High School days were some of the best days
Real talk, guys - high school was so much more laid back and less complicated than University. Cherish those high school days.

There's so much more to life
I've developed some new friendships in my first year of Uni and has made me realise that there are other people in the world to meet, places to explore and and an endless list of things to do.

If you were really good at what you do in high school, you'll be average at Uni
It's a harsh lesson that I've learnt this year, but it's unfortunately true (for me anyway...). 

Versatile clothing pieces are a must
This year I found myself struggling to think of comfortable and presentable outfits to wear every day so to resolve this, I bought a lot of basic pieces that I could style with more than one outfit. I recommend investing in leggings, plain white/black/grey tees, comfortable sneakers and a basic hoodie.

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1 November 2014


So very sorry for only posting one blog post this month - I've been very focused on Uni, my final first year major works and I've been working on a very exciting writing opportunity! But, as always, I've compiled a playlist of what my month of October sounded like. Expect more and frequent uploads on Words By Femme from now for about 5 months - stay tuned!

1. Hold Me - Weezer
2. You Ruin Me - The Veronicas
3. Perfect Situation - Weezer
4. Steal My Girl - One Direction
5. Yellow & Blue - Megan Washington
6. Always - Panama
7. L8 CMMR - Lily Allen
8. Consolation Prize - Megan Washington
9. Back To The Shack - Weezer
10. Sounds Like An Angel - Samsaya
11. Break The Fall (Gemini Remix) - Laura Welsh
12. Shake It Off - Taylor Swift
13. It's Not Over - Panama
14. Wind Your Neck In - Lily Allen
15. II. Anonymous - Weezer
16. Mouthwash - Kate Nash
17. Still Into You - Paramore
18. Haunt You Everyday - Weezer
19. You're So Dark - Arctic Monkeys
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