2 August 2014

Believe the hype: SKINS UK

Skins is a British teen drama surrounding a group of teenagers in Bristol, England. First aired in 2007 and coming to an end in 2013, Skins consists of 7 seasons broken into 3 generations spread out between 6 seasons, with the 7th season titled Skins Redux made up of only 3 episodes. If you've managed to live your life without hearing about this brilliant TV show, it explores themes like dysfunctional relationships, bullying, mental illness, sexuality and substance abuse, which obviously sparked a bit of controversy. As soon as the first episode was premiered on E4, the show became an instant success - nothing like the crappy (attempted) US remake, which received bad feedback even before it was released. Luckily, Skins US was cancelled after just one season!

Recently, I decided to invest in the complete Skins UK boxset. I did some researching and found that this boxset is available online at a number of places. I got mine from an ebay user Sarmax Online Retail where I was able to get fast and free shipping. I made the order on the 22nd July and it was shipped the next day as the estimated delivery date was on or before the 28th July. I got my parcel the morning of 25th July, so I was very impressed!

If you haven't dived into the Skins UK hype, then I highly recommend that you do. Being completely honest, it's not everyone's cup of tea, but definitely give it a go and you might enjoy a certain aspect of the show, whether it be the talented and attractive cast, the creative approach to production, the script or the badass music played in the background. You'll find yourself laughing, crying and just wanting to be as cool as some of the characters and you might just be hooked from the first episode to the very last episode of season 7, just like I was. 

This is my second time watching this whole series again, and now - I'm going to go and continue watching season after season of this show. I strongly advise you to do the same!

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