19 August 2014

Album Review: TRXYE

Moving away from fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogging for a bit and focusing on my newest obsession, which is Troye Sivan's new debut EP titled TRXYE.
TRXYE was released on Friday the 15th August which I was totally aware of, but I honestly didn't know that the date was so close. I finished up at the gym on Friday and popped into JB-HI-FI (luckily) and walked past their top 10 new releases display, where I spotted TRXYE in 1st or 2nd place. Completely oblivious to what the date was, I bought Troye's EP the day it was released in Australia for $8.99

The album art is so conceptual and actually means something to Troye, as he explains in this video. I really like the colours that are used and they really go well together and the typography is so minimal and great.

I'm so proud to say that I was there when Troye released this song on his Tumblr/Soundcloud at 5pm whatever day it was. I remember it being on repeat for the entire week and it's still one of my favourite songs at the moment. Watch the music video too if you haven't seen it already!
I personally think that this song is his strongest song on the EP, meaning that it sounds like it would appeal to a wide audience, whether one person likes pop or electronic stuff, they'll probably like Happy Little Pill. The entire song is brilliant because of its angsty/grungy sound, but the pre-chorus and the chorus makes the track 10 out of 10.

It starts off as such a sexy and romantic song by the way he sings the verse and the slow beats, but then the song gets quite intense but still slow... if that makes sense. Basically, it makes you want to have a slow motion dance montage haha! If you haven't already noticed, Troye seems heavily influenced by electronic artists (hence his amazing Youtube outro) and this song really shows that inspiration during 'that bit' after the chorus.

Listen to this song, then imagine Troye touring the country and performing this song live and the crowd getting so involved. The title says it all and I think this song is such an anthem, especially when the instruments cut out and are replaced with claps and multiple voices chanting the chorus! SUCH a feel-good song and now I can't wait for Troye to go on tour haha!

I've probably just listened to this song 20 times in a row and I'm still not bored of it. It starts off with some gentle keys and Troye's voice, then progresses to a slow, smooth beat that I absolutely love under his voice, which is really shown off in this track. There's so much emotion in this track which goes extremely well with the lyrics that Troye has written and that electronic influence is definitely toned down in this one, but it still has a RnB, The Weeknd-esque sound to it.

To be honest, when Troye released his first The Fault In Our Stars song on Youtube, there was nothing to ride home about - it wasn't really my thing. When I saw The Fault In Our Stars (the movie), I absolutely hated it and so I didn't really have any reason or motivation to re-visit Troye's song. When I saw that it made it on TRXYE, I was actually the tiniest bit disappointed, but I actually have listened to it a few more times... I mean, sure it's a nice song, but definitely not the best on the EP.

Have any of you bought Troye's debut EP? What are your thoughts? Feel free to post a comment below or have a chat with me on Instagram! Hope you guys are having an awesome day, big love x

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