11 July 2014

Who doesn't love free shipping?

So I've done a bit of shopping online over the past few months and I just realised that all the stores I bought from offered free shipping. I'm pretty sure every one is a sucker for a free shipping offer, so if you're wanting some new outfits or a new online store suggestion - read on and then get shopping!


1. Luxe Style/Tryst
I discovered this site through Instagram and I was instantly attracted to the collection on clothing and shoes that they had to offer. I've raved about this company before in a previous blog post, but I'm always surprised at the new stuff they put up for sale and their kind customer service. They're company is rapidly growing and they now have an active online store, making it easier for customers to buy! I bought this item a few months ago now, and it only took a week for my package to arrive.

MSBHV Tee (x$27 $20

2. Romwe
I've been a little bit hesitant about ordering from this site because I've heard mixed reviews on their products, customer service and their shipping, but they were having a sale on this one item that I just had to pick up. Before I ordered, I took advantage of the live chat feature that they have on their website and I made sure to ask some questions about their general reliability, where they assured me that they were a professional company. I made my order on the 12th June and my item arrived on the 20th June. I was never emailed a receipt from Romwe, which I wasn't too impressed with, but other than that, I would probably order from them again.

Eyes Print Light blue Shift Dress (x$27.28 $13.10

Photo from the wordsbyfemme Instagram

3. Boohoo
You guys should already know about my love for this company - I'm pretty sure my first online purchase was from them! This time I only got one thing from them, which I ordered on the 27th June and got my items on the 3rd July - probably the fastest a Boohoo package has ever got to me! If the free shipping hasn't sold you, every customer will receive a surprise golden ticket in every package!

Saffy Symbolic Print Leggings (x$20 $6.80 

ASOS has made some changes to their site, where shipping isn't free for every order anymore. I know, disappointing. Free shipping for Australians now only applies to orders over $30, so I was lucky enough to snap up a jumper that I've been eyeing for months and get free shipping!

Hype Sweatshirt with Varsity Back Print (x$68.63 $33.33

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