21 July 2014

YouTube favourites!

Hey there and welcome to a blog post that I've been wanting and meaning to write about for the longest time - YouTubers! I discovered the wonders of Youtube and vlogging about 3 years ago when I began watching a few daily vloggers from USA. I loved the concept of documenting your daily life for anyone to see and making a living out of it at the same time; I thought it was the raddest job ever.
Here are a few of my favourite YouTubers and why I watch them - who do you watch on YouTube? 
FYI: Click on the video screenshot of each YouTuber to be taken to that video!


After my CTFxC obsession 3 years ago, I found Zoe's 'Sibling Tag' video one night and instantly became hooked. One video led to another and I ended up subscribing to her main channel and her vlog channel, which I loved the content of both. There was something about her that made me keep up with her life through videos and to this day, I look up to her and the success that has come out of her YouTube channel and her blog


I only recently found Helen - probably one of the best personalities on the internet. She has that 'I don't give a shit' attitude, but you know that she would just be super lovely if you ever met her in person. Her fashion sense is to die for and knows how to put together outfits extremely well.

Joe's content that he uploads onto his channel is always quality. He brings the perfect amount of comedy and originality into all of his vlogs and I guarantee you will let out a laugh at least once in every one of his videos.


The Queen of jewellery, Jess, has been my go-to fashion inspiration for years now. She posts some amazing Outfit Of The Day videos that cater to all sorts of weathers. She stays true to her own fashion style, which is that layered and laid-back yet still sophisticated look that can be dressed up or down - which is perfectly convenient for any girl! 


I also discovered the dashing Jack Howard just recently and I was immediately gripped by his lovely accent and his sense of humour. His video concepts are well thought out and edited well and there's something about him that reminds me of Lee Mack?


Gabb from Sheffield is probably one of the most loyal YouTuber that I'm subscribed to. I found her channel quite recently too - when she posted about the #experienceeverything campaign run by Boohoo to be specific. I enjoyed her love for fashion, beauty homewares and One Direction and she's not afraid to have a laugh by herself on camera!


It's always nice to see an Australian amongst this massive community of YouTubers, especially when Troye has so much talent to offer. I can't help but feel proud of his achievements like acting as Wolverine as a little boy and releasing an EP later this year! But this boy is hella funny and you need to watch every one of his videos now. *wink* BYYYE 


To be honest, I remember watching Mamrie videos when I was still 17 and thinking that everything she made looked so tasty. But for those who don't know what videos she makes, she has a show called 'You Deserve A Drink' or 'YDAD' for short. She makes different cocktails for different celebrities, events and YouTubers that are big in popular culture and creates a drinking game out of it. The best part is, you get about 2 minutes of bloopers in every video!


If you watched a recent The Fashion Citizen video right now, you would see Stephanie with ombré'd medium length hair and Melissa with a brunette pixie cut. I've been subscribed to these girls long enough to see all the phases that they've been through like Stephanie's blonde hair and Melissa's button-down obsession. I love seeing what trends they're into during every season and I love how they describe themselves as 'frugal fashionistas'.


Miranda Sings is an alter ego of the beautiful Coleen Ballinger (also Ariana Grande's voice coach!). She is responsible for the iconic too-much red lipstick, as well as the ugly blouse paired with sweatpants and that wonderful voice. Miranda is a hilarious YouTube personality; her content includes song covers, tags and how-to's, which are all done with sarcasm if you don't pick it up straight away!

These are only some of the talented personalities that a content sharing platform like YouTube is able to expose to a wide audience on a daily basis. I love finding new YouTubers who create amazing videos and I love seeing established YouTubers grow to see success that even they never anticipated. 
I would love it if you left some of your favourite YouTube channels in the comments and if you're a YouTuber yourself, feel free to share your channel with me in the comments and I'll be sure to click that Subscribe button!

17 July 2014

Welcome to Fresh Beauty

I've been looking for new online beauty sites that have a good variety of products at good prices and after some researching, I found Fresh Fragrances & Cosmetics. This Australian based site launched in 2004 and attracted many beauty lovers just like you and I. They stock luxury brands like Chanel, Clinique, Estee Lauder, Givenchy, Landcome, Nars, Stila and YSL, as well as drugstore brands like L'oreal, Revlon and ModelCo and best of all - they offer free shipping on all order worldwide. If you need more convincing, you can earn Qantas Frequent Flyer points as you shop and if you sign up to the Loyalty Club, you get amazing perks like a lifetime 20% off discount, points to redeem later and giveaway opportunities.

I placed an order with Fresh on July 1st with their free delivery option, which estimated 7-10 working days (for cities) for my items to arrive to me. My Fresh package arrived to me on July 9th, so no issues with shipping!
The parcel was a plain white box with my details on the top and a return address on the side. It was then wrapped with a simple white ribbon, which I thought was a nice touch (sorry I didn't take a photo of the outside!). Inside was their business card, my receipt and my items all securely wrapped in bubble wrap and foam.
I chose 2 items from their site - here's what I got and my first thoughts...


This is the first cream bronzer and highlighter that I've owned and seeing as that dewy makeup look is currently on trend, I thought that this would be a perfect product to own. I applied the product with my index finger (as recommended) and it glided onto the skin so smoothly and with ease - it wasn't dry at all, so it didn't go lumpy when trying to get some product onto my finger. I personally had to build up the bronzer shade on my face quite a bit because it goes on quite light on my skin colour. Nonetheless, it's a really nice colour that would suit any skin type or colour and blends well, not leaving any harsh lines. The highlighter has the perfect amount of shimmer, which looks absolutely stunning especially on the cheekbones. I put some product onto my ring finger, again with ease, and dabbed that onto my cheekbones and I was super impressed with the look of it, seeing as I've never owned/been interested in a highlighting product. This Bronzing Duo has somewhat inspired me to look into more bronzing and highlighting products, but this one by Bloom is a really nice kit (massive mirror included!) for those who want that dewy, put-together look. 


More photos of me wearing this colour in my previous blog post :) 

Every girl should have that go-to red lipstick to feel next level classy and I think I've found mine. What says 'powerful and stylish' more than a woman wearing a red Chanel lip? I couldn't say 'no' to what will be a staple in my makeup collection, as this high-end product is so affordable! I was extremely excited by the Chanel packaging - the minimal black with the iconic Coco Chanel logo on the top on the lipstick tube. The word CHANEL that is embossed on the actual lipstick is so satisfying to just look at and if you don't feel like you're in a luxury French film while applying the product onto your lips, then you're doing it wrong. The product will last you a good 8-9 hours without a lip liner, so I imagine it's staying power would be even greater when paired with a lip liner. Even when it does fade off your lips, it still looks good and doesn't make your lips look all gross because it's definitely true to its name and it's definitely hydrating and moisturising. If you want to look and feel like a girl boss - I've found the product for you!

Go to the Fresh website right now, sign up to their Loyalty Club for free and get 20% off everything for a lifetime! Happy shopping beauty babes xx

11 July 2014

Who doesn't love free shipping?

So I've done a bit of shopping online over the past few months and I just realised that all the stores I bought from offered free shipping. I'm pretty sure every one is a sucker for a free shipping offer, so if you're wanting some new outfits or a new online store suggestion - read on and then get shopping!


1. Luxe Style/Tryst
I discovered this site through Instagram and I was instantly attracted to the collection on clothing and shoes that they had to offer. I've raved about this company before in a previous blog post, but I'm always surprised at the new stuff they put up for sale and their kind customer service. They're company is rapidly growing and they now have an active online store, making it easier for customers to buy! I bought this item a few months ago now, and it only took a week for my package to arrive.

MSBHV Tee (x$27 $20

2. Romwe
I've been a little bit hesitant about ordering from this site because I've heard mixed reviews on their products, customer service and their shipping, but they were having a sale on this one item that I just had to pick up. Before I ordered, I took advantage of the live chat feature that they have on their website and I made sure to ask some questions about their general reliability, where they assured me that they were a professional company. I made my order on the 12th June and my item arrived on the 20th June. I was never emailed a receipt from Romwe, which I wasn't too impressed with, but other than that, I would probably order from them again.

Eyes Print Light blue Shift Dress (x$27.28 $13.10

Photo from the wordsbyfemme Instagram

3. Boohoo
You guys should already know about my love for this company - I'm pretty sure my first online purchase was from them! This time I only got one thing from them, which I ordered on the 27th June and got my items on the 3rd July - probably the fastest a Boohoo package has ever got to me! If the free shipping hasn't sold you, every customer will receive a surprise golden ticket in every package!

Saffy Symbolic Print Leggings (x$20 $6.80 

ASOS has made some changes to their site, where shipping isn't free for every order anymore. I know, disappointing. Free shipping for Australians now only applies to orders over $30, so I was lucky enough to snap up a jumper that I've been eyeing for months and get free shipping!

Hype Sweatshirt with Varsity Back Print (x$68.63 $33.33

3 July 2014


Another amazing month for music, guys! Die Antwoord came out with a new album, which I couldn't stop listening to. They're an artist that you either love or hate, and I think their new album 'Donker Mag' is just flawless. As a result, I've been spending some time on their Spotify and listening to some of their old stuff, which is still quality. I've also been listening to Lily Allen's new album, which I thoroughly enjoyed and I love love love her 'I don't give a fuck' attitude. Arctic Monkeys also released a new music video for Snap Out Of It, a song that I wasn't too fond of when I first heard it, but it's grown on me and the music video is one of their best - check it out!

  1. Strunk - Die Antwoord
  2. XO - Beyoncé
  3. Air Balloon - Lily Allen
  4. Brother Moon - Jordan Leser
  5. Chocolate - The 1975
  6. Sheezus - Lily Allen
  7. Cookie Thumper! - Die Antwoord
  8. Safe With Me - Sam Smith
  9. Snap Out Of It - Arctic Monkeys
  10. Girl I Want 2 Eat U - Die Antwoord
  11. Take My Place - Lily Allen
  12. I Don't Need You - Die Antwoord
  13. Problem - Ariana Grande & Iggy Azalea
  14. I See Fire - Ed Sheeran
  15. Sex - Die Antwoord
  16. Drowning - Banks
  17. Pitbull Terrier - Die Antwoord