24 May 2014

PHOTO BOOK: Reprogrammed Sydney

It's been a while since I posted some of my own photography on my blog, so seeing as I've been taking loads of photographs for my first semester majors, I thought I'd do a post on some of my adventures...

So I do a subject called Photomedia and my major project focuses on 'Design in the Environment', where I have to convey how a particular design aspect affects the environment. The topic I chose was Reprogrammed Spaces. I was attracted to this topic because I've always found run-down and decaying buildings interesting, but add the contrast of contemporary interior styling, and they're a whole new level of attractive!

To give you a bit of context, I'll briefly explain to you what a Reprogrammed Space is...
Reprogrammed Spaces are essentially locations that have been reused for a different purpose than it was originally built for. For example, there might be an old, old building that was built as a cottage house, but now years later, functions as a cute little café.

If you ever find yourself having some time off in Sydney, I really encourage you to check out these places - they have such nice vibes and are just extremely nice to look at!

THE PLACE Cockatoo Island HOW TO GET HERE Take a ferry (which has free wi-fi) from the Circular Quay wharf and get off at the Cockatoo Island stop. 

THE PLACE Ground Control Café HOW TO GET HERE This is located right underneath Circular Quay station on Alfred Street 

 THE PLACE Carriageworks HOW TO GET HERE Just a 10 minute walk from Redfern train station. You literally take 2 right turns and you're there!

 THE PLACE Circular Quay in general - it's a place full of history! HOW TO GET HERE Take the train and get off Circular Quay station, then you can wander the nooks and cranny's of Circular Quay.

Other snazzy reprogrammed spaces that you should check out...

- Sub-Station Café in Alexandria
- National Art School in Darlinghurst
- The Commons in Darlinghurst
- The Ground of Alexandria (Café/Restaurant)
- The Old Library in Cronulla
- Scarlett Restaurant in The Rocks

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