15 May 2014


So I've accumulated some pretty rad bits over the past few weeks that I want to share with my wonderful readers, so please read on if you're curious to know what I've got! Also, I've somehow not posted a blog post in about two weeks and I'm extremely sorry for the lack of blogging, but I have been busy with Uni presentations and major works. On the other hand, I have plenty of blog posts lined up for me to write and post throughout the next few days - so get excited :)


'Greedy' Sandal | Betts | RRP $109.99

I've never seen a shoe quite like it. I mean I've seen black sandals and I've seen Jelly sandals, but combining the two trends just blows my mind. I've never thought about mixing the two together to make one pair of shoes and I would just like to congratulate the designer of these bad boys. I managed to snap up the last pair of these in my size in store and I didn't bother to try them on, but luckily they fit extremely well!

Houndstooth Print Scarf | Rivers | RRP $6.95

Make fun of Rivers' TV advertisements all you want - it certainly will not stop their products being so, so comfortable. I own another scarf from Rivers with a grey plaid print on, and it's been my go-to accessory as of lately, especially for those ridiculously cold mornings at 6am! I saw this houndstooth print just as I was at the registers and I couldn't not buy it - I've been into classic and sophisticated patterns lately, and I just imagined how versatile this monochrome houndstooth scarf will be!

'Girl' Beanie | Supré | $10.00

I think it's time that every person who is not a regular shopper at Supré stop assuming that all they sell is supposedly 'slutty' clothing, because they do sell decent garments. I personally think that it really depends on how someone chooses to style a particular piece, and even then, it's up to that person how they want to look and that shouldn't negatively affect you. I am not a regular shopper at Supré, but I do own a few pieces from there. Apart from their sometimes cringe collections (they should probably stop making Australia Day pieces), Supré delivers reasonably priced and good quality basic pieces. I picked up this beanie because it was loud, yet subtle... if that makes sense. I also wanted to add to my winter accessories, since it's only going to get colder here in Australia! 

Arctic Monkeys Beanie | Arctic Monkeys Sydney show | $40

Yep another beanie, but at a ridiculous price and totally worth it. If you follow me on Instagram, I posted a photo of the long awaited Arctic Monkeys gig from last Tuesday and I picked up two pieces of merch - one being this beanie. I don't remember being it this expensive, but hey - it's for my favourite four boys ever.

AM New Zealand & Australian Tour Tee | Arctic Monkeys Sydney show | $45

Aaand this is the shirt I ended up buying! There was a toss up between all of the shirts that were available, really, but this was the only one that had the dates from the tour on the back, so I wanted that as a sort of souvenir. I love everything about this tee - I love how it fits, I love the print on the front and back, and I love the quality!

Matte Lip Cream in 'Pillarbox' by BOE Beauty | Big W | $2.00

I bought this Matte Lip Cream in the pink/purple colour called 'Shock Pink' and I was super impressed by its staying ability and the dashing colour, so I bought it in the red colour! The matte feature is actually really, really nice as well for a product that only costs $2 - it's not too matte that your lips end up looking dry and gross, but it moisturises and then dries as a soft matte. I really recommend this product if you're looking into dupes for the Australis Velourlips!

Soft Matte Lip Cream in 'Antwerp' by NYX | Target | RRP$12.95

This is my first NYX purchase! I've been eyeing off their Matte lip cream in 'Antwerp' since Target started selling NYX in Australia and seeing as all NYX products were 30% off, I had to pick up something! I haven't tried this on my lips yet, but I've heard mixed feelings towards the matte lip creams. I'm excited to see how I find it! 
Swatches of the two lip colours are below - 'Pillarbox' on the left, and 'Antwerp' on the right :)

Lilac Body Lotion by Anatomicals | Target | RRP $8

This is one of the loveliest smelling lotions I've ever smelt - it smells very sweet, so I probably wouldn't go for this particular lotion by Anatomicals if I didn't like that sweet smell. I received Anatomicals face masks as a gift a while ago from a friend and I loved them! Not only are their products amazing, but their packaging and production is flawless! Their witty names for their products and the humorous little message on the back makes you want to buy the entire Anatomicals range!

I've been looking for the perfect contouring palette at a reasonable price and actually found a few that I liked; the limited edition Face Of Australia Bronzer/Highlighter duo for example - but that decided to sell out pretty much everywhere in about a week :( I popped into K-Mart to have a look at what e.l.f products they had stocked and found their bronzer, which I was pleased with. This bronzer has very, very little shimmer and I cannot complain about its price. I used this for the first time only a few nights ago and I adore it! It goes well with my skin tone and blends super well!


I hope you enjoyed reading about what I've purchased over the past couple of weeks. I am truly sorry for the lack of posting, but as always you can follow me on my Instagram and my other social networks for more regular updates. As promised I have a costumey get ready with me post lined up to do - keep an eye out for that. Thank you and big love!

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