24 April 2014

Boost your artistic motivation!

This is for you all who love making art, whether it be in the form of photography, drawing, painting, sculpture, or even digital or mixed media. This is for those who are still stumped for a concept after about 6 weeks of thinking. This is for those who are still struggling with ideas for their major art works for Year 12. This is a post for anyone who has ever found it difficult to grasp some inspiration when creating and expressing themselves through creative art!

I took Visual Art every year in high school (that's 6 years of art!) and now I'm carrying out a Design course at Uni and trust me - I know how it feels to be baffled for a creative, unique and expressive piece of artwork. Over the years I've done some pretty sloppy work, but I've also compiled some work that I'm actually proud of, and although the outcome is extremely important, it's imperative as an artist to realise how you got there and what inspired the piece...

So if you're feeling artistically bummed out, here are a few little tips that will keep you motivated to 'wow' your audience with a super creative piece of art. 

  • Be interested in YOU
    You might be interested in politics or soppy love stories; everyone is their own person and whatever you have a genuine interest for will help you come up with an expressive idea. By distinguishing your interests, you can come up with some pretty unique conceptual social commentary. Also, as you're working on what interests you, you keep that motivation throughout your entire art making process.

  • Do some reflection
    Go deep and think about life. Similar to the previous point, reflecting on your past life experiences, good or bad, can help you out conceptually and could result in an artistic and personal document of time.

  • Let your friends inspire you!
    Turn to your best mates because they're wonderful, inspirational people. It doesn't matter if they're crazy creative or not, hearing about what things are inspiring others around you really opens up your mind to fresh, new things that you aren't familiar with. Embrace these ideas and experiment with ways that you can incorporate them into an artwork.
  • Explore art galleries
    Don't just visit the gallery that you've been to 100 times before - visit as many as you can! Do some research and look for galleries in your town, look for galleries that focus on different aspects of art, look for art studios! Most of the time, entry to art galleries are completely free! This is a perfect chance to be inspired, so when you see a piece that you like, snap a photo (only if you're allowed, of course) and write down the title and artist name.
  • Let the lyrics speak
    You listen to music every day, but you don't really focus on what message each song is conveying. Try to listen to, look at and analyse lyrics and you'll soon realise that you can find some amazing songwriting that can inspire an artwork. I highly recommend looking at lyrics of artists La Dispute, M.I.A and Arctic Monkeys.
  • Reach the unreachable
    You might think that you'll never be able to get in contact with the artist of your favourite piece from that popular art gallery... but you might just be wrong. Yes, they probably do live a hectic lifestyle and are crazy busy, but if you shoot them a positive and concise email, you may get a reply. Take this opportunity to praise their work and to ask for any professional tips specifically on what you need help with - definitely do not waste their time. Otherwise, if they don't have an email or if they simply cannot get back to you, browse through ALL of their works - if you liked one of their pieces, chances are you'll be interested in their other works! There are some brilliant resources on the net that analyses and discusses artworks, which can be extremely useful to your practice.
    This email tip obviously doesn't apply if you want to contact artists like Picasso, Rembrandt, Pollock, Duchamp etc. 

  • Turn to the internet!
    Sites like Tumblr, Pinterest, Vimeo, Instagram, as well as blogs offer daily artistic inspiration to every one of its users. Essentially, sites like these are like an ever-changing mood board and they inspire us to create. So if you follow the right accounts, search through relevant tags, you might just find something that sparks your artistic mind! 

17 April 2014

Thrifty miss | OOTD

Black Crop Top | Supré
Sailor Vest | Op shop
High Waisted Jeans | Jay Jays
Boots | K-Mart
Rings | Lovisa & With Love Kirsten

DIY BB Cream
Maybelline Fit Me in '230 Natural Buff'
Total Face Brush by ELF
Exotic & Erotic Palette by Chi Chi 
Small Angled Brush by Gloss Professional
Eyelash Curler from Cotton On Body
Big Volumising Lash Mascara by FOA
Matte Lip Cream in 'Shock Pink' by Boe Beauty

Today my brother and I went on an impromptu shopping trip and I thought I would do a little blog post for you. I wore this outfit because I didn't know what the weather was going to be like so I went for a quite casual look, which I lightly layered with the sheer sleeveless vest that I chopped up a few years ago. I then slipped in to my go-to black boots, which adds height and sophistication to the look, I think.
We went second-hand shopping which, if any of you are massive Macklemore fans, is essentially 'thrift shopping'. We visited two stores and they were both pretty successful. The first store was a Salvation Army and my brother found a jacket that infused aspects of a bomber and a harrington all into one piece - he picked that up for only $8! I was on the hunt for shorts to wear at an upcoming gig, and I just happen to find vintage Chanel pants going for just $10, but since it was a green tag, that meant 50% off... Chanel pants for $5? TY SALVOS!
The next and final store was a Mission Australia store and as I was about to walk out, I spotted a jacket with a small houndstooth print and nude pleather sleeves. I tried it on and fell in love! It's from a brand called Glamorous and the quality is quite good - the lining is so soft!
Lastly, I had to take a trip to Priceline (oops!) I have been lusting over One Direction's 'Our Moment' fragrance for a while now, but recently they announced a new fragrance 'That Moment' and so I said to myself that I would wait until that was released... and it was released this week! I walked in to Priceline knowing that I would pay $50 for the 30ml bottle, but it was an extremely pleasant surprise to find that I would pay $39 for the 30ml! Everyone go and buy 'That Moment' from Priceline right now - it smells like a mature bag of lollies in "a swanky new bottle" (Harry Styles, 2014).

Thank you for reading my words, big love!

16 April 2014

My blogging story + GIVEAWAY (CLOSED)

As a young adult today, I've grown up being surrounded by various Social Media platforms and I've seen so many different crazes come, go and linger. It all started with a Bebo profile. Bebo had a Blog module where you could write as many cringe-worthy posts which you would regret years later. I enjoyed this feature so much that I moved on to make a Tumblr profile, purely just to write, rant and ramble on about everything and anything. At this point in my life, I was about 12 or 13 years old and I didn't quite grasp the purpose of Tumblr; my early posts were mostly tags, questionnaires, 30-day-challenges and (not literally) essays, and are most probably deleted by now! I was fairly late to jump on the Facebook bandwagon - I made my profile in 2009 and even though that platform relies predominantly on status updates and photos, I still managed to sneak a little Recap of the Year blog-esque post, which was 1000% cringe and is probably deleted. 

Fast forward to a few years later - this is the time where I got into vloggers and actual real bloggers. I thought it was incredibly cool and it quickly became my dream job to be a Youtuber and a Blogger at the same time (we can all dream to be like Zoe Sugg). After a few months of procrastinating and laziness, I thought about a blog title, url and made a banner in about 20 minutes. I stuck with 'AlissAMR' for a while, until I recently made the change to 'Words By Femme'.

I started blogging just seven months ago, and I never thought that I would be receiving hundreds of readers every day, reading what I have to say. I gain unlimited inspiration from fellow bloggers and I think you guys are some of the most beautiful people on Earth. I've been given so many wonderful blogging opportunities from some wonderful companies and I find that I love interacting with you all! I'm really glad that I started blogging and I don't see myself stopping anytime soon.

So since I'm feeling super generous, I'm doing my very first giveaway! One of you lovely readers will win a prize pack including items that I have thoughtfully chosen myself. Most of these items are things that I adore and I've thrown them in so you can fall in love too.

If you're the lucky winner, you'll get...
- Orange 'Geo Sunnies' from Rubi
- Sheer Metallic Socks from Factorie
- Sheer Gloss Lip Crayon in 'Sundae' by Face Of Australia
- Colour & Go Nail Varnish in 'That's What I Mint!' by Essence
- Viva La Diva Matte Lipstick in 'Corporate Femme' by Chi Chi
- 2x Matte Lip Cream in 'Shock Pink' and 'Pillarbox' by Boe Beauty
- Concealer Duo in Medium Beige by BYS
- 3x Gold Alphabet Rings (Letters T, J & C) from With Love Kirsten
- Dangling Earrings from So Good Jewelry in Bondi Junction

How to enter //
1. Follow @wordsbyfemme on Instagram
2. Regram the image in this blog post with the hashtag #giveawaybyfemme and tag me
For additional entries //
1. Follow me on Bloglovin'
2. Post a comment below telling me what your favourite word is and leave your Instagram name

T & C's //
- Open to Australian residents ONLY
- You may repost the image on Instagram as many times as you want!
- Please comment once only 
- Additional entries are not compulsory, although it does make your chance of winning higher
- Giveaway closes May 2nd and winner will be announced May 3rd
- Winner will be announced on Instagram and will receive a Direct Message

Good luck and big love!

6 April 2014

March Favourites!

Guys, I'm skipping the March playlist and instead, I've decided to bring back the 'favourites of the month' post, seeing as my last one was made in October. Never fear, this post will still feature some of my favourite music of this month along with beauty products, accessories and food!


Chi Chi Exotic & Erotic Eye Palette 
Gloss Professional Small Angled Brush
These are my new makeup essentials that help me to achieve the perfect brow. Previously I didn't spend any time at all on filling in my brows, but now a face of makeup isn't complete until I fill my brows. I use the darkest shade (far right) in the Eye Palette and my trusty Angled brush from Gloss and finish the look off by brushing through the brows with a spooley and brow gel, then a bit of a light shade (fourth from the left) under the arch of my brow. 

An hours trip to Bondi Junction Dangerfield was definitely worth it for this eight dollar stick of magic - you've probably already read my previous haul where I rave on about this Barry M Lip Paint, but it's necessary. The colour is perfect and I personally think that it's a shade that will compliment any skin tone, where it's a shade of pink that it's too dark and has the perfect level of vibrancy. The BYS Liquid Lipstick has been on of my favourite products since the start of the year because it was one of the only lip products with colour that I brought on my holiday. I ended up using it nearly everyday overseas and it's just a really good quality product to just put on as part of your makeup routine and chuck in your bag for the rest of the day. A similar product that I just recently bought is FOA's Lip Crayon in Sundae. Because it's quite sheer, you can apply as much as you want for a shade that compliments you. This has been my go-to Uni lip product because it's a nude colour that isn't too subtle or too in your face.

Another product I've already raved on about in a previous post. I've seen so many other bloggers give positive reviews on this product and I am yet to read just one a negative review. This water-based product brings a makeup remover,  a deep cleanser and toner all into one formula and into a monstrous 400ml bottle, giving you 200 uses! You can't go wrong!

I have quite sensitive skin and my face is blotchy in some areas, so any good coverage helps me out a lot. I thought that a colour correcting cream was worth a shot and so I picked up this one by Australis during Priceline's 40% off cosmetics sale and my problem now is that I can't decide what is better - BB cream or CC cream. This product works wonders - a little blob of this stuff covers the skin quite well and athough I was hesitant on what shade I should get, the Dark Natural blends into my natural skin easily.

 I've had this colour painted on my nails for a good week now and they're still going strong! This is a quality nail varnish for such a tiny price of $2.75, where the consistency isn't too transparent or too thick. I can't decide whether its thick brush is a good thing or a bad thing, because it does cover most of your nail, but it doesn't allow for you to paint the little spots that you may have missed. Other than that, this is a perfect product if you're just starting out your nail polish collection or letting yours grow.

Gold Chain Watch from Diva
Vintage Cat Eye Sunglasses
I've had this watch for about a year now and I rarely ever used it until I re-discovered it this month. It's been a go-to accessory for every time I go out of the house and I think it adds a bit of sophistication to any outfit, no matter how casual you decide to go! Same goes with these Cat Eye Sunglasses I received from my Mum from the 90's - the gold detail makes your outfit look very classy and looks super rad when worn with a deep red lipstick! 

I discovered these snacks by complete accident - I found a bunch of these in my pantry and whilst in a rush to get out of the house for Uni I needed to take something to eat so I quickly grabbed a few packets of these. I find that they're just really convenient to just grab and shove in your bag and eat while you're on the go. As you can see in the photo above, they come in a packet of four, so they're quite filling and a healthy alternative if you usually go for a cheeky chocolate snack! They have loads of benefits, come in a huge variety of flavours and you should go and pick some up from your local Woolworths! My personal favourites are Cranberry and Milk & Cereals :)

 Keeping Up With The Kardashians
This is such a strange Television show to really get into for me; I don't ever like reality TV, but I decided to watch the two episodes of this that was available on my flight in January and I was hooked. I'm not sure what it is that keeps me wanting to watch more, but I actually love this show, so much that I've been keeping up with the Kardashians more than I've been keeping up with my regular weekly TV shows.

Moving on to my favourite music of this month! There's a few songs and artists that I'll be writing about, so keep reading if you want to find out what I have been listening to in the month of March!

SONG Bed Peace - Jhené Aiko ft. Childish Gambino (x)
Ahhh this song has been my absolute favourite in the month of March! I've listened to it at least 10 times a day since I first heard it. It's got a really relaxed and feel good beat that you could honestly listen to for the next ten years and the two voices of Jhené Aiko and Gambino work so well together!

ARTIST Childish Gambino
I feel like this season of Community is missing such an essential character from the show, so I decided to start to get into what Donald Glover actually left the show for... Childish Gambino aka Glover's music career. I don't listen to many male rappers, actually, none at all, but Childish Gambino has a certain appeal to me. I can't really put my finger on it, but his music has the perfect level of weird, mixed with the perfect level of references to pop culture and his own life; bring that all together with Gambino's sick beats and there's the appeal.

ARTIST King Krule
I was introduced to this 19-year-old artist a few months ago by a friend who I always go to for new music to listen to (I'm so jealous of how good his taste in music is). I listened to King Krule for a while at the time, but I re-discovered him this month when I learnt that I missed his headlining shows in Sydney, which is so, so unfortunate. He's such a unique artist and I hope you guys check his stuff out!

SONG & VIDEO Fancy - Iggy Azalea (x)
Australia's favourite bad bitch, Iggy Azalea released a new song and video at the start of March and it's been a favourite of mine for the entire month! The video is inspired by the movie Clueless, which I haven't seen (oops) but Director X has captured some iconic Clueless frames that even I recognise. The song has a beat that you would want to be played while you strut down your high school hallway and is one of Iggy's best tracks! Go listen to it and watch the video right now!


Sorry for my delayed upload of my March favourites and I hope you still enjoyed what I've been enjoying for the past month! I would love it if you posted a comment on what your favourite thing was last month, whether it be a beauty product, a fashion piece, a song, anything! I'd love to hear from you guys! Be sure to follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr for frequent updates! Thanks for reading my words, big love x