5 March 2014


Some of you may or may not know that I went over to the Philippines from January 21st to February 21st for a bit of a holiday, slash catch up with long lost family, slash shopping... a lot of shopping. As mentioned in my previous blog post, nearly everything is super cheap and so you can't let an opportunity like that pass you by when it's in your grasp. 
I visited many Shoe Mart malls, which are like the Westfield's in Australia for example, and I also visited other shopping centres like Ayala, Robinsons and just a small little tiny place called The Mall of Asia. I've got a lot to show, so read on to find out what I purchased!

~ ~ ~

'Fresh Metallic Varsity Tee' Forever 21 / Mall Of Asia / 715.00
This was the first purchase I made over there and was probably one of the more dearer items I bought. I really like the holographic trend, and the whole athletic trend is growing on me, so I picked this up and wore it to my first day of Uni!

'Hashtag OOTD Tee' Robinsons Department Store / ₱149.75
My brother spotted this shirt and something in me thought that this print was brilliant. I think I bought this for the intention of pissing people off?

'Turtle Keyring' / Boracay Station 2 Stall / ₱15
'Skateboard Keyring' / Boracay Station 2 Stall / ₱15
From the moment I first saw that turtle with the tiny glasses, I knew that that was the souvenir that I wanted to take home to remember Boracay. I also thought that this transparent skateboard was cool even though I didn't see one person skating there.

'Souvenir Tank' / Boracay Station 2 Stall / ₱90
I was on the hunt for a good quality, but unique top that I could also take home as a Boracay souvenir and I found this unexpectedly. There was only one of these in a pile of what seemed like hundred of other tops and I loved the simple print and the black piping - classic!

 'Maybelline Shine Free Foundation Clear Smooth All-In-One' Robinsons Department Store ₱99
I bought this during the second or third week I was there and I realised that I hadn't been wearing much makeup. I thought this was perfect for the trip since it's a powder and can assist my shiny skin.

'Souvenir Beanie' / Baguio Side Street Stall / 3 @ 100 
My family and I woke up at 4am to get to Baguio City and I was told to bring a jacket specifically for this place. It was a cold morning at this place - the city where my parents met - and I wanted to remember it every time I would wear this beanie and every time Australia offers cold weather.

 'Leather Jansport Backpack' Burnham Park Markets / ₱550
The plain black version of this backpack was on display and was the style I originally wanted but it was actually quite dirty and dusty so my Mum somehow convinced me to get this colour instead. It's now become my go-to Uni bag!

'Our Story Begins A5 Notebook' SM Department Store / SM Tarlac / ₱59.75
'Kraft Notes Scratch Pad' SM Department Store / SM Tarlac / ₱21.75
'iPad Case' SM Department Store / SM Tarlac / ₱350
I loved stationary shopping at the Philippines because everything was either minimal or super cute!

'The New Hype Graphic Tee' Oxygen / SM City Batangas / ₱399
I couldn't leave this top at the store - it just reminded me of an age old Arctic Monkeys reference combined with the Hype collection that Topman carries.

'Chanel Inspired Hair Clips' Save Wise / Camiling / ₱5
'Cookies N Cream by Rain' Save Wise / Camiling / ₱15
The clips were such an impulse buy. They were so tacky that it would be something that I would actually wear and it reminded me of Jennifer from @jnschmtz on Instagram. As for the nail varnish, I bought that around the same time Stephanie from The Fashion Citizen mentioned grey nails in a favourites video and that explains that!

'Hermés Inspired Tote Bag' Save Wise / Camiling / ₱300
This place called 'Save Wise' quickly became my favourite place to shop. It was a supermarket downstairs and a department store upstairs, which is where I found this gem!

'Syringe Highlighters' SM Supermarket / SM Rosales / ₱50
'Mermaid Stylus' CD-R King / SM Tarlac / ₱30
These two are things I bought mainly for the aesthetics, obviously. Last year I owned pill shaped highlighters and now I have Syringe highlighters... I think it's a thing now? And when I think about my stylus purchase, it'll actually come in handy if I ever do little drawings on my iPad for Uni.

'Cartier Inspired Bracelet' / Greenhills Shopping Center / ₱166
'Triange Stud Earrings' Save Wise / Save Wise Mall Grand Opening / ₱35
My Mum and I spent ages walking around the Greenhills Shopping Center searching for different boutiques that sold Cartier bracelets and gathering quotes, but all I ended up with is this Cartier dupe that I kind of regret buying. I thought that these earrings were a nice thing to have to remember us waiting for this Save Wise Mall to open for about 2 hours and plus they were so so so cheap!

'Hot Girl Lip Sticker in Sunday Rose' Too Cool For School / Mall Of Asia / ₱435
'Neon Yellow by Chic' Watsons / Mall Of Asia / ₱36
I actually did research on the Too Cool For School brand before I made this purchase and I will be making a separate blog post on that soon. My want for a neon yellow nail varnish was so out of the blue that I don't remember what triggered it, but I can imagine wearing all monochrome and this colour on my nails.

~ ~ ~

And that's it! Thanks for making it this far and for reading my words! There are more PHILIPPINE HOLIDAY blog posts coming soon including a What's In My Bag? so keep an eye out for that as well as my Too Cool For School post that I mentioned. Follow me on Bloglovin or you can follow me on Twitter where I tweet every time I release a new blog post.

- AlissAMR

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