30 March 2014

2 days in Sydney

As you all know, I'm doing a Visual Communications course. One of my subjects is Photomedia and I was given the assignment to choose a structure as my subject and take 32 photos displaying variations in light, angle and its overall frame and composition. I knew from the start what location I wanted to shoot at and throughout the shots, I really tried to take into consideration that I'm attempting to communicate visually. I chose to make my way down to Chippendale in Sydney and take my photographs at Central Park.

The first day I went in to the city was on Saturday (29th March) at around 4pm. I went at this time because I thought I could catch the sun at the right time for my light source and get really nice looking shadows from the city buildings... but it was quite an overcast day. The sun was still exposed slightly, but it was a little too cloudy for the camera to catch any visually interesting light or shadows for that matter. Anyway, here are some of the more successful shots of the day.

CAMERA: Canon 1100D

After losing all possible light, I went into what locals call 'The Living Mall' in Central Park Sydney. There you can find retail stores like HYPE, Glue, Blush Cosmetics, Pigeonhole (one of those stores where you want literally everything), Superdry and Daiso (where literally everything is $2.80). It would be an awesome place to chill with mates with heaps of food and drink places available including Max Brenner, Chatime, Coco Cubana, Sumo Salad and SushiZilla. I then made my way to the top floor where I found what was called L.3 CENTRAL by BRAND X. I took some flyers and here's what was written:

"BRAND X was created in 2005 as a response to the lack of affordable and appropriate space for artists in Sydney to practice their craft.

BRAND X in partnership with Fraser Property Australia and Sekisui House Australia are proud to offer Sydney a 'Pop-up experience' with a difference.

Set across 1000 Sqms on Level 3 of Central, come and be a part of a world-first creative playground that invites you to share your creativity alongside some of Sydney's most dynamic and innovative independent artists and organisations.

Featuring studios for visual artists, rehearsal and exhibition space for hire and a constantly transforming community events venue, Level 3 will house a population of local creative talent."

This place was awe-inspiring and I spent a good half an hour just on that top floor. There's so much to look at and to interact with - I definitely recommend that you go and check it out if you're a Sydney-sider! If you still want more information on Brand X, visit www.brandx.org.au or if you would like to know more about Central Park Sydney, visit www.centralparksydney.com

Here's a little (not much of a) OOTD...

Top: Crop M.I.A Top | Custom made on Vistaprint
Bottoms: High-waisted jeans | Jay Jays
Shoes: Heeled Booties | K-Mart
Bag: Red Union Jack Shoulder Bag

Although it began to rain that night, I woke up the next day to blue skies and decided to go into the city again because I needed a few more shots. I arrived at Chippendale much more earlier at around 1pm. The city had lovely weather and the sun provided the perfect light source for my subject this time around! I went straight to my location and shot a few photos, where I spent about 10 minutes there, max. The reason why I left straight away was because I planned to take a cheeky visit to Topshop, and then check out the Art Gallery of NSW for what artists were exhibiting for the Biennale. So after having a Sushi lunch, I arrived at George Street and walked into Topshop, then ended up in Lush at the QVB, then Myer's cosmetics section. The very first stand I saw was for Soap & Glory, which I never knew I could physically purchase in Sydney so I was a little excited. I was trying to remember what body scrub Tanya Burr always goes for, but the name didn't come into my head, so I ended up going for the 'Sexy Mother Pucker XL' which essentially is a lip plumper. They did also have the Mother Pucker Lip Gloss (7mL), but I settled on this one because of its larger contents (10mL) and therefore its value.

I only bought it today so obviously I haven't tried it out yet. But when I do I'll be sure to take photos and do a mini (or full blog post) review on it!

So I never ended up going to the AGNSW, but I'm probably going to dedicate a whole day on seeing the Biennale in Sydney, which gives me time to book a ferry to Cockatoo Island and plan the entire day! If you're into art and haven't heard of the Biennale and would like to know more, please visit their website because you absolutely don't want to miss out. I unfortunately missed out a few years ago (due to exams) and one of my all time favourite visual artists Imran Qureshi was being exhibited and I missed out on an amazing installation :(

As always, you can follow me on all my social media sites for more updates and follow this blog on Bloglovin' if you'd like! Again, thank you for reading my words - big love x

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