30 March 2014

2 days in Sydney

As you all know, I'm doing a Visual Communications course. One of my subjects is Photomedia and I was given the assignment to choose a structure as my subject and take 32 photos displaying variations in light, angle and its overall frame and composition. I knew from the start what location I wanted to shoot at and throughout the shots, I really tried to take into consideration that I'm attempting to communicate visually. I chose to make my way down to Chippendale in Sydney and take my photographs at Central Park.

The first day I went in to the city was on Saturday (29th March) at around 4pm. I went at this time because I thought I could catch the sun at the right time for my light source and get really nice looking shadows from the city buildings... but it was quite an overcast day. The sun was still exposed slightly, but it was a little too cloudy for the camera to catch any visually interesting light or shadows for that matter. Anyway, here are some of the more successful shots of the day.

CAMERA: Canon 1100D

After losing all possible light, I went into what locals call 'The Living Mall' in Central Park Sydney. There you can find retail stores like HYPE, Glue, Blush Cosmetics, Pigeonhole (one of those stores where you want literally everything), Superdry and Daiso (where literally everything is $2.80). It would be an awesome place to chill with mates with heaps of food and drink places available including Max Brenner, Chatime, Coco Cubana, Sumo Salad and SushiZilla. I then made my way to the top floor where I found what was called L.3 CENTRAL by BRAND X. I took some flyers and here's what was written:

"BRAND X was created in 2005 as a response to the lack of affordable and appropriate space for artists in Sydney to practice their craft.

BRAND X in partnership with Fraser Property Australia and Sekisui House Australia are proud to offer Sydney a 'Pop-up experience' with a difference.

Set across 1000 Sqms on Level 3 of Central, come and be a part of a world-first creative playground that invites you to share your creativity alongside some of Sydney's most dynamic and innovative independent artists and organisations.

Featuring studios for visual artists, rehearsal and exhibition space for hire and a constantly transforming community events venue, Level 3 will house a population of local creative talent."

This place was awe-inspiring and I spent a good half an hour just on that top floor. There's so much to look at and to interact with - I definitely recommend that you go and check it out if you're a Sydney-sider! If you still want more information on Brand X, visit www.brandx.org.au or if you would like to know more about Central Park Sydney, visit www.centralparksydney.com

Here's a little (not much of a) OOTD...

Top: Crop M.I.A Top | Custom made on Vistaprint
Bottoms: High-waisted jeans | Jay Jays
Shoes: Heeled Booties | K-Mart
Bag: Red Union Jack Shoulder Bag

Although it began to rain that night, I woke up the next day to blue skies and decided to go into the city again because I needed a few more shots. I arrived at Chippendale much more earlier at around 1pm. The city had lovely weather and the sun provided the perfect light source for my subject this time around! I went straight to my location and shot a few photos, where I spent about 10 minutes there, max. The reason why I left straight away was because I planned to take a cheeky visit to Topshop, and then check out the Art Gallery of NSW for what artists were exhibiting for the Biennale. So after having a Sushi lunch, I arrived at George Street and walked into Topshop, then ended up in Lush at the QVB, then Myer's cosmetics section. The very first stand I saw was for Soap & Glory, which I never knew I could physically purchase in Sydney so I was a little excited. I was trying to remember what body scrub Tanya Burr always goes for, but the name didn't come into my head, so I ended up going for the 'Sexy Mother Pucker XL' which essentially is a lip plumper. They did also have the Mother Pucker Lip Gloss (7mL), but I settled on this one because of its larger contents (10mL) and therefore its value.

I only bought it today so obviously I haven't tried it out yet. But when I do I'll be sure to take photos and do a mini (or full blog post) review on it!

So I never ended up going to the AGNSW, but I'm probably going to dedicate a whole day on seeing the Biennale in Sydney, which gives me time to book a ferry to Cockatoo Island and plan the entire day! If you're into art and haven't heard of the Biennale and would like to know more, please visit their website because you absolutely don't want to miss out. I unfortunately missed out a few years ago (due to exams) and one of my all time favourite visual artists Imran Qureshi was being exhibited and I missed out on an amazing installation :(

As always, you can follow me on all my social media sites for more updates and follow this blog on Bloglovin' if you'd like! Again, thank you for reading my words - big love x

23 March 2014

HUGE Collective Beauty Haul!

Over the past few weeks I've accumulated a few beauty products that I've been meaning to share with you guys because most of them are new-ish products that I highly recommend. I've decided to write a little review on each product to assist you if you're on the fence about buying the product, so if you happen to find any of these products at a store near you, pick it up, try it out and tell me what you think!

~ ~ ~

A few weeks ago, Priceline had one of their biggest sales ever, offering 40% off all cosmetics. This sale ran for 4 days in store and online. Here's what I was able to pick up!

Face Of Australia Sheer Gloss Lip Crayon in Sundae | Priceline | Was $7.95 Bought for $4.77
I've been looking for the perfect lip product to wear to Uni everyday and this is it. It's the perfect mix of a nude and brown colour, and since it's a sheer gloss, you can apply as little or as much as you want for a light or a darker shade. Paired with a good nude lip liner, this will last for about 3 hours, but it's so easy to re-apply!

This is the second time I've bought this product - after finishing my first bottle, I went to Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula because I heard good things about it, but it didn't do what I hoped and went straight back to this product. At such a low price, it visibly smooths skins in just one week.

 Australis CC Cream in Dark Natural | Priceline | Was $12.95 Bought for $7.77
I've probably worn this every day since I bought it. It delivers everything that it offers - "Not only does it even skin tone and controls colour, it moisturises, brightens, provides UV protection and the soft matte formula controls oil."

 Maybelline Fit Me! Pressed Powder in 230 Natural Buff | Priceline | Was $14.95 Bought for $8.97
I needed a new pressed powder and I remember Sam from Beauty Crush talking about this particular one. I haven't tried it out yet, but I'm hoping it's as good as people make it out to be!

Bourjois Happy Light Foundation in No. 52 Light Beige | Priceline | Was $29 Bought for $17.40
Again, I haven't used this because I actually bought it as a gift for my Mum. I went for this particular foundation because it was featured in a video by Zoe from Zoella, and it promises a "Luminous & flawless complexion in any light."  

 Essence Colour & Go in 146 That's What I Mint! | Priceline | Was $2.75 Bought for $1.65
For such a tiny price, this nail varnish glides on easily with its probably too big brush and dries within a minute or two. On application, two coats is fine and it's definitely not too streaky. I was inspired to get this colour because one of my friends at Uni was rocking a pastel green colour on her nails and I thought it looked so fresh!


K-Mart Australia have recently come out with a new range of beauty products, featuring their own line of makeup, shower gels, face masks and creams and so much more! I picked out a few products to try and report back to you guys. If you live near a K-Mart, definitely go in store and check out what they have to offer - these products can't be bought online!

Purifying Mud Mask with Strawberry | K-Mart | $5.00
Not much of a 'mud mask' but more of a cleanser. It claims to rebalance oily to combination skin, which I think it successfully does. It's pleasant strawberry scent makes it enjoyable to apply to give your face a deep clean.
Sweet Melon Fragranced Body Lotion | K-Mart | $3.00
This is a surprisingly good lotion for such a tiny price. With a blob of this product on your hands and arms, it keeps it noticeably moisturised for about 2-3 hours before you need to re-apply. It doesn't give you that sticky feeling and absorbs into your skin with ease. As for the fragrance, it's not a melon scent, but almost a strawberry medicine smell.
Oil Free 24H Cream with Tea Tree SPF | K-Mart | $5.00
As directed, I use this cream after the Purifying Mud Mask and I find that it works quite well in reducing the oil on my skin. Just a small blob of this product will go a long way, which means that this tube will last a good few months!

Lip Crayon in Balm 042 | K-Mart | $5.00
This Lip Crayon is described as a Lasting Colour Tinted Balm, which I think is correct. I use this product without a lip liner as a base and it still lasts the entire day without bleed, with only one or two re-applications. As for the colour, it's super pigmented and whatever colour the crayon is, that's the colour that will appear on your lips.

Pastel Nail Polish in Nude Pumps | K-Mart | $3.00
I was really disappointed by this nail varnish for a few reasons. First of all, the only words that I can think of to describe its consistency is grainy and thick, which is never a good thing. Since it's thick, you would imagine that one coat would be alright? Nope - it goes on very transparent, so two coats of the thick and grainy varnish has to be applied. It doesn't dry quick and so it smudges quite easily. It only lasts for 2 or 3 days and it's so unfortunate because look how lovely the colour is!


The last few items are just some random buys that I've picked up and tried aver the past few weeks!

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water | Woolworths |  $8.37
I've only used this product twice and I already love it! It's everything that every girl needs in a beauty product. This product removes makeup, cleanses, soothes AND you don't even need to rinse you face, just pour some of this stuff onto a makeup pad, gently rub it all over your face and your good to go. It doesn't make your skin feel dry afterwards, even though it's a cleansing water.

Inglot AMC Lip Gloss in 541 | Inglot | $28.00
I saw a photo of a model wearing this gloss and I decided it was the coolest product that I have ever seen. So after doing some online browsing, I wasn't going to spend nearly $40 on the one product and decided to make my way to Bondi Junction just to visit the Inglot pop-up at Westfield. My salesperson Kelli had such an interesting face of makeup on and was so nice and helpful and let me swatch the other AMC glosses before I decided on the 541. I haven't tried it on top of a dark shade lipstick, but I have tried it by itself and over a nude lipstick. The blue oil slick effect only comes out noticeable if a lot is applied to a nude lip.

K-Mart started to stock E.L.F products a few weeks ago, which is super exciting. I've only picked this product up so far, but I'll definitely be going back to get more. I love this product, especially because I've recently discovered the importance of filling in your eyebrows. As you can tell, I can't stop using the eyebrow gel because it's that good. I can't complain about the clear mascara, although I suggest you use an eyelash curler before hand.
This works wonders, seeing as I own the worst eye bags and dark circles on Earth. A little bit of this product covers up or blends in with my natural skin colour, essentially hiding my dark circles and the fact that I only get 5 hours of sleep every night!

As soon as I saw this bottle of beauty in store, I knew I had to have it on my nails, in fact, I'm wearing it right now. It goes on a metallic and almost petrol slick blue-ish green, which doesn't sound that pretty, but actually is - I received a compliment from a man. It goes on without a flaw and lasts just over a week! As for the scented feature, sure it's scented for the first day you have it on, then it just turns into a normal nail varnish.

Whilst at Dangerfield Bondi Junction, I was just about to walk out when I noticed a stand of Barry M cosmetics by the front counter. I've heard about this London based brand from a variety of beauty gurus and thought I should try it out. I went for a lipstick in a deep pink colour and I've used it once with a lip liner. I was so impressed - this product will stay on your lips for the entire day, even through excessive talking, laughing, eating and drinking. Hands down, I would go back into the city to get more and if you're from Sydney, definitely go into a Dangerfield closest to you and purchase some Barry M!

~ ~ ~

I hope you liked this haul that I've been meaning to post up for you all and sorry it took so long! I urge you all to try out any of these products and tell me how you liked or didn't like them. As always, you can contact me via Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr or my contact form on the right side of this page. Also, don't forget to get your entry in to win $100 worth of Boohoo vouchers - all details can be found here
Big love x

21 March 2014

WIN WITH BOOHOO! #featureafriend

I'd love to present to you guys today, someone who I've known for about five years now. She has, undoubtedly the loveliest personality, the most incredible style and probably one of the best collections of clothes, shoes and accessories. This person has had stacks and stacks of experience in the field of fashion and beauty, and on the side, finds time to do a spot of blogging and vlogging.

Introducing, the most fashion-forward person that I know - COURTNEY!

In this post, I wanted to showcase to you guys Courtney's amazing fashion sense and at the end, I'll be sharing the details on how YOU have the chance to win $100 worth of Boohoo vouchers, so keep reading on!

I am sure that I'm not the only one who adores Courtney's ability to construct an outfit every day and get it right every time. People around her, including me, constantly bombard her with compliments, whether it be on an item that she's wearing, the hairstyle that she's rocking or even the colour that's been painted on her lips.

Courtney's experience in the fashion field is pretty impressive, where she went from Sales Assistant at a store called Sussans to Sales Assistant and Visual Merchandiser at Sportsgirl, to Assistant Store Manager at the George Street Sportsgirl branch. On top of that, she's scored many amazing opportunities including styling a press launch for the collaboration of Diva Accessories and Samantha Jade, she's done a Fashion Styling workshop at the FBI Fashion College AND she styled and modelled in Salvage magazine, created by yours truly...

I asked Courtney a few questions on her style and inspiration. Maybe her answers will inspire your own style and wardrobe this season...

Favourite piece in your wardrobe at the moment? I have so many favourite pieces at the moment but I can never go past a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans. I love that you can dress them up with a simple heel or chunky boot with a nice top or just throw on a basic top and you're good to go

Favourite beauty product at the moment? My favourite beauty product would have to be the MAC Studio Fix Concealer! It can seriously hide anything and everything.

Biggest fashion regret? My biggest fashion regret was when I was 13 and Fluoro and rave inspired slogan tees were the coolest thing ever matched with a bright pink pant... never again!

A trend that you love and a trend you cannot stand? A trend that I love right now is definitely the modern take of the 90's coming through. High waisted relaxed fit jeans, androgynous coats and anything plaid and fluffy knit. Definitely a big inspiration for winter for me! A trend that I hate is plain leggings worn as pants with crop tops.. seriously can't deal with it haha!

Who or what are your style inspirations? Definitely street style since I work right smack bang in the city and surrounded by such great style. Polyvore and tumblr I use everyday on my laptop or phone so it's a little daily inspiration for all of my outfits and I love how easily accessible that is. Otherwise I'm loving Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner's style right now! Minimal, classy with a bit of edge - love!

So, if you've fallen for Courtney's style, you can follow her! She writes a blog, primarily about fashion, but you can also find playlists and updates on her life. You can find her on her Youtube channel, which she started 2 years ago vlogging about her style and doing the occasional tag. You can also follow her on Tumblr, Polyvore and Instagram!

Boohoo has given the opportunity to Bloggers, like you and I, the chance to win $100 worth of vouchers to spend at their online store!
All you need to do is have an active Blog (obviously), and create a post featuring a friend who you think has amazing style! You have creative control so you can feature them any way that you want! Then share it via Instagram, Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag #featureafriend and you're in the running! Competition closes 1st of April so what are you waiting for?

Good luck 

14 March 2014

Panic & Confidence

Today, I've decided to sit down and write about these contrasting topics - panic and confidence. Yes, they're both difficult topics to share with hundreds of people, but I wanted to share my personal experience with these two life-changing mental states.
Please don't jump to the conclusion that I'm trying to 'show off' what is essentially a mental illness; all I want is to do through this post is to convey that any ordinary person can accomplish so much.

Flash back to a couple of years ago when I was in primary school. Nearly every one of my reports would conclude with the same comment- "Alissa is a quiet student and should participate more in class" or even "Alissa is a delight to teach, although confidence is something she could work on". You can imagine that each report for me was like being pushed to the ground or punched in the face and I could never take these comments as just critical feedback. Throughout my entire 7 years in primary school, I saw myself as the quiet one and therefore, so did everyone else around me. This carried on to high school, where I genuinely dreaded the constant need to participate in the endless peer building activities. This is also when I began to really suffer from Panic, but at the time I brushed it off as just being a combination of nervous and shy.

High school for me was the best and worst 6 years of my life. I made amazing friendships and felt like I was part of one big community that was my cohort but, I did endure through strange experiences that I was not prepared for. I remember one particular time sitting in Business class, where I had to ask my teacher for some sort of assistance. Although I had a friend right beside me, I started to panic - I remember my friend constantly telling me to 'calm down'. I never took symptoms seriously through high school because I experienced them so frequently; I always brushed it off as just being nervous.

Job hunting, job interviews, job trials and anything that has to do with jobs would always worry me. Like many people, I got quite nervous whenever I was introduced to a new workplace. I'm 18 and I've never had a job, which I'm totally okay with, but when I was a little younger and looking for a part-time job, I would spend a bit of time updating my resume, go on a huge applying spree, get 1-2 interviews, agree on a time and date and then... back out last minute, all because I would conjure up so much worry and panic that I would over think the situation and talk myself out of it. 

For the longest time, I was the youngest one in my family amongst my siblings and cousins and Aunt's and Uncle's. Although I have grown up, I've always been treated like I'm stuck at 10 years old and I think that the condescending manner that everyone speaks to me in, essentially brings down my confidence and boosts my negative thinking and as a result, to this day it's rare that I am taken seriously by my family.

January 2014 I was at Boracay, Philippines waiting beachfront at my hotel lobby for a day of Island Hopping. I was prepared and took my motion sickness medication beforehand, but as soon as someone mentioned 3 hours on a boat I went into full on Panic mode. I had never experienced anything like it before - my heart was beating at a ridiculous speed, I became extremely hot, I was shaking and found it hard to speak - I remember trying to tell my Mum that I absolutely could not go anywhere and it took me no time at all to head back to the hotel room. At this point I was so lightheaded that my vision was impaired and an endless stream of tears were running down my face. I literally did not know what to do so I tried to sleep it off, when I felt a tingling feeling in my hands and feet. You can just imagine what was going on in my head...

When I discovered a new found interest in a movement called Feminism, not only did it open my eyes to the existing gender inequality, but it taught me how to appreciate me and how I perceive myself. I learnt to accept my body, my appearance and how I am overall. Around the same time, I discovered 2 particular influential Youtube personalities - Zoe Sugg and Lauren Skager - both primarily fashion vloggers, although they occasionally speak about anxiety, panic, confidence and being comfortable with yourself. This will no doubt sound cheesy, but I don't think I can thank Lauren enough in particular. She is so easy to get in touch with and she's inspired me (and I'm sure others) to wake up every day, be whoever you want to be and be 100% confident about it.

Over the past few months, I have been given amazing opportunities and accomplished quite a bit. Last year in my final year of High School, one of my artworks was exhibited at the Director of Schools Office, where I was invited to a morning tea with the Director of Schools. I was also a 2013 HSC High Achiever, where I scored a mark of 90 or above out of 100 for an exam, along with some of my best mates. We were also invited to a Mayoral Reception later this month. I remember setting myself a plan for after high school, which was to get into University, do an Internship in my chosen field while at Uni for experience, which then will lead me to a job straight after I graduate. Since I set that goal, I am 3 weeks into my University course that I wanted, and I scored myself an Internship interview this week, while the company Evil Twin is in the process of looking at some of my design work. Even if I don't get the Internship this early, I am actually so proud that I did not back out of the interview and did not panic. It's a milestone for me.

I did a previous blog post on going into University that briefly touched on making new friends, but it's crazy to think that I was in the same situation in Year 7 when I was a shy and unsocial teeny. I've known this new group of Uni friends for 3 weeks (less for some people!) and they never fail to make me laugh every day that I get to see them.
In terms of my blog that you're reading right now, I was given the opportunity to work with an Events company Chic Petite, where I attended a networking night in Sydney, which you can read about here. I've also just recently started to work in conjunction with one of my favourite makeup companies Australis and later this month, I'll be giving out details on how you can win vouchers for Boohoo! I've also been planning a makeover for my blog, which involves a URL change - so keep an eye out for that!

Panic attacks are not fun and it's sad to think that they're in actual fact, quite common. I've never liked that fact that people use the term panic or anxiety as a joke because it's far from it. I found that the best thing to do after experiencing one is to just relax and get it off your mind. Get a massage, take a bath, whatever helps you to just relax
I'm absolutely no expert on panic attacks or on confidence for that matter, but all I'm saying from personal experience is, work towards goals, be who you want to be and know what drives you towards your own success. You are literally in control of your own life and you shouldn't be living in fear - go out, wear whatever you want, be happy and be the best person you want to become.

Please visit Beyond Blue if you would like further information. This site is also a major help if you or someone you know is suffering from a mental illness and would like some helpful advise.

- AlissAMR


5 March 2014


Some of you may or may not know that I went over to the Philippines from January 21st to February 21st for a bit of a holiday, slash catch up with long lost family, slash shopping... a lot of shopping. As mentioned in my previous blog post, nearly everything is super cheap and so you can't let an opportunity like that pass you by when it's in your grasp. 
I visited many Shoe Mart malls, which are like the Westfield's in Australia for example, and I also visited other shopping centres like Ayala, Robinsons and just a small little tiny place called The Mall of Asia. I've got a lot to show, so read on to find out what I purchased!

~ ~ ~

'Fresh Metallic Varsity Tee' Forever 21 / Mall Of Asia / 715.00
This was the first purchase I made over there and was probably one of the more dearer items I bought. I really like the holographic trend, and the whole athletic trend is growing on me, so I picked this up and wore it to my first day of Uni!

'Hashtag OOTD Tee' Robinsons Department Store / ₱149.75
My brother spotted this shirt and something in me thought that this print was brilliant. I think I bought this for the intention of pissing people off?

'Turtle Keyring' / Boracay Station 2 Stall / ₱15
'Skateboard Keyring' / Boracay Station 2 Stall / ₱15
From the moment I first saw that turtle with the tiny glasses, I knew that that was the souvenir that I wanted to take home to remember Boracay. I also thought that this transparent skateboard was cool even though I didn't see one person skating there.

'Souvenir Tank' / Boracay Station 2 Stall / ₱90
I was on the hunt for a good quality, but unique top that I could also take home as a Boracay souvenir and I found this unexpectedly. There was only one of these in a pile of what seemed like hundred of other tops and I loved the simple print and the black piping - classic!

 'Maybelline Shine Free Foundation Clear Smooth All-In-One' Robinsons Department Store ₱99
I bought this during the second or third week I was there and I realised that I hadn't been wearing much makeup. I thought this was perfect for the trip since it's a powder and can assist my shiny skin.

'Souvenir Beanie' / Baguio Side Street Stall / 3 @ 100 
My family and I woke up at 4am to get to Baguio City and I was told to bring a jacket specifically for this place. It was a cold morning at this place - the city where my parents met - and I wanted to remember it every time I would wear this beanie and every time Australia offers cold weather.

 'Leather Jansport Backpack' Burnham Park Markets / ₱550
The plain black version of this backpack was on display and was the style I originally wanted but it was actually quite dirty and dusty so my Mum somehow convinced me to get this colour instead. It's now become my go-to Uni bag!

'Our Story Begins A5 Notebook' SM Department Store / SM Tarlac / ₱59.75
'Kraft Notes Scratch Pad' SM Department Store / SM Tarlac / ₱21.75
'iPad Case' SM Department Store / SM Tarlac / ₱350
I loved stationary shopping at the Philippines because everything was either minimal or super cute!

'The New Hype Graphic Tee' Oxygen / SM City Batangas / ₱399
I couldn't leave this top at the store - it just reminded me of an age old Arctic Monkeys reference combined with the Hype collection that Topman carries.

'Chanel Inspired Hair Clips' Save Wise / Camiling / ₱5
'Cookies N Cream by Rain' Save Wise / Camiling / ₱15
The clips were such an impulse buy. They were so tacky that it would be something that I would actually wear and it reminded me of Jennifer from @jnschmtz on Instagram. As for the nail varnish, I bought that around the same time Stephanie from The Fashion Citizen mentioned grey nails in a favourites video and that explains that!

'Herm├ęs Inspired Tote Bag' Save Wise / Camiling / ₱300
This place called 'Save Wise' quickly became my favourite place to shop. It was a supermarket downstairs and a department store upstairs, which is where I found this gem!

'Syringe Highlighters' SM Supermarket / SM Rosales / ₱50
'Mermaid Stylus' CD-R King / SM Tarlac / ₱30
These two are things I bought mainly for the aesthetics, obviously. Last year I owned pill shaped highlighters and now I have Syringe highlighters... I think it's a thing now? And when I think about my stylus purchase, it'll actually come in handy if I ever do little drawings on my iPad for Uni.

'Cartier Inspired Bracelet' / Greenhills Shopping Center / ₱166
'Triange Stud Earrings' Save Wise / Save Wise Mall Grand Opening / ₱35
My Mum and I spent ages walking around the Greenhills Shopping Center searching for different boutiques that sold Cartier bracelets and gathering quotes, but all I ended up with is this Cartier dupe that I kind of regret buying. I thought that these earrings were a nice thing to have to remember us waiting for this Save Wise Mall to open for about 2 hours and plus they were so so so cheap!

'Hot Girl Lip Sticker in Sunday Rose' Too Cool For School / Mall Of Asia / ₱435
'Neon Yellow by Chic' Watsons / Mall Of Asia / ₱36
I actually did research on the Too Cool For School brand before I made this purchase and I will be making a separate blog post on that soon. My want for a neon yellow nail varnish was so out of the blue that I don't remember what triggered it, but I can imagine wearing all monochrome and this colour on my nails.

~ ~ ~

And that's it! Thanks for making it this far and for reading my words! There are more PHILIPPINE HOLIDAY blog posts coming soon including a What's In My Bag? so keep an eye out for that as well as my Too Cool For School post that I mentioned. Follow me on Bloglovin or you can follow me on Twitter where I tweet every time I release a new blog post.

- AlissAMR