1 March 2014

Where in the world... BENCH FIX SALON

Whilst spending a month overseas in the Philippines, I decided that I wanted to get my hair done for a few reasons. Number one - I decided to chop off my long hair myself one morning last year and so it wasn't in the best shape; number two - I had a strong 'when in rome' attitude; and number three - s*** is cheap over there!
I had no idea how I wanted my hair cut or coloured so I spent a good few hours on Instagram looking through tags and inspiration and ended up saving about 7-8 images. I asked others for their opinion and narrowed it down to just two pictures - one for the cut and one for the colour that I wanted.
It was the last week of my holiday in the Philippines and on the Monday I was going to a mall called SM North Edsa. I looked up all the hairdressers and salons that were available at the mall, but the Bench FIX Salon stood out for me. Bench also had their own apparel store, which is what they're known for, so I new this was a renowned brand. I looked at the prices of their services and was impressed. I still needed a little bit more persuasion, so I looked at a few blogger reviews for real-life experiences. After seeing all positive feedback, I was convinced.

Walking in at around 2:30pm, we went straight to the reception and straight away we were directed to a senior stylist. I showed him the two photos that I had on my phone; the image on the left was the cut that I wanted and the image on the right was the colour that I wanted.


I was then taken to get my hair washed and then trimmed - which all took about five minutes. I was then handed over to a hair colourist; her name was literally Ace. She began bleaching my hair, starting about 5 inches from my roots. They weren't really telling me what they were doing to my hair - I'm not sure if it was because I don't speak Filipino or if it was just a thing that they don't do - I just had to guess and really listen to what they were saying to they're co-workers.


The bleaching process took about an hour and during the last few minutes while waiting for it to set in, they pulled out a rotating heat lamp. The excess bleach was then washed out of my hair, and at around 4:30pm they began to apply a blonde colour to the bleached parts of my hair and a quite dark brown to my roots. I did not get to choose the colours that they applied onto my hair, which I was a little disappointed about. 

At around 5:00pm I was taken to get my hair washed with conditioner for the final time, then blow-dried and cut into the shape that I requested. The senior stylist that I had didn't need to look at the picture I brought in for a second time and the result was spot on. 

Overall, I was fairly happy with the result of my hair. The cut is the cut that I wanted, although the colour is not, where my roots were coloured way too dark and doesn't really embrace the 'ombre' look. The staff was super friendly and helpful (that really goes for all employees working in the retail/service field in the Philippines) and at the end, my senior stylist gave me helpful tips on how I should maintain my hair. At the same time, my Mum also got her hair cut and coloured and altogether it only cost around 4100, which equates to AUD$105.

What? Bench FIX Salon
Where? SM North Edsa - Find your nearest salon here!
Rate? ½

To see the final outcome of my hair, visit my Instagram photos or follow me @_alissar

- AlissAMR


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