10 February 2014

DIY | BB Cream

Before the introduction of CC Creams and even DD Creams, BB Cream was massive a few years back, and that's when I came across a Youtube tutorial on how to make your very own! I've used this 'recipe' if you like, since the day I made my very first batch in 2012, and today, I have made, documented and shared exactly how I do it! This is perfect for those who want to keep their make-up light and minimal, especially at school and in the workplace!

There are so many positives that come out of making your own BB Cream instead of picking one up in store. First of all, it's inexpensive and you'd be using products that you already have in your beauty collection, you can work with products that you already know is good for your skin, you get your perfect shade, it lasts for ages as you only need a small amount for every application and lastly, it takes just minutes to make! So let's get started!

~ ~ ~

  • An empty jar or small bottle to put your Cream in
  • Your favourite liquid foundation
  • Your favourite moisturiser
  • Sunscreen (not pictured)
  • Primer
  • Facial cleanser
  • A stirrer to mix the contents together


1. You need to know how much you want to make. Depending on your empty bottle, fill about 1/3rd of it with your liquid foundation - I'm using Revlon's Colorstay Foundation in Medium Beige. Since I only want to fill my empty bottle only half way, I'm going to have to half my measurements.

2. Go ahead and squeeze the same amount of moisturiser into the mixture. I used a combination of Redwin's Sorbolene Moisturiser and a gel moisturiser by Formula 10.0.6 which already has SPF 15, so if none of your products have an SPF in, add the same amount of sunscreen. At this point, take your stirrer (I literally used the handle end of a plastic spoon) and mix your foundation and moisturiser well, leaving you with a creamy texture.

3. Then add a coin size dollop of you Primer. I used this one by Australis. Mix well.

4. Final steps now! Add whatever facial cleanser your skin desires. I've added this Facial Cleansing Foam by OVO which is made out of bio-active materials from eggs & extracts of 7 herbs; pretty interesting! Add about the same amount as your Primer and mix for the final time.

So here you have it! A do-it-yourself BB Cream made in minutes that primes, provides coverage, moisturises and helps to restore damaged skin! This is perfect for girls who don't have the time to put on 5 different layers of make-up on and will last the entire day when set in with a good pressed powder. Guys can even mix this BB Cream up and use it without looking caked up at all!
Try it out!

- AlissAMR

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