26 January 2014


Hi! I thought I would share with you guys the recent purchases I've made online earlier this month. These items were purchased late December and arrived to me between the 7th-9th of January, which was about a week and a half wait for delivery. I am not sponsored and all of these products were bought with my own money. 

~ ~ ~

Veronica Trousers | $26 (Sold Out)

Liza Disco Pant in Silver | $14

Danni Harem Trousers | $12 (Sold Out)

'Fangirl' by Rainbow Rowell (Hardback) | $19

- AlissAMR

19 January 2014

DIY | Word art room decor

This 'do-it-yourself' is for all of you creative people who has ever liked song lyrics a bit too much, or been inspired by a quote, or even appreciated a piece of poetry. This word art piece that you're about to make, infuses contemporary art and your favourite aspect of creative arts to make a stylish and modern decoration to personalise your room!

I've done this in the past as part of a mini Visual Art major about three years ago, but it was slightly different. My 'canvas' were pages of a book, which I found was a lot more difficult compared to a flat canvas. I remember this attempt being quite rushed and I wasn't thinking much of what colours I was using, but the outcome was okay! You be the judge...

SO here's what you'll need
  • Newspaper (laid out on top of your table)
  • Paintbrush of your choice (preferably thick bristles)
  • Gel pen of your choice
  • Paint of your choice
  • Canvas (ensure that your text will fit)

1. The first thing you want to do is figure out what colour you want to paint your canvas and what kind of writing utensil and colour will suit best. I've used a blackboard paint and I've trialled a few gel pens from Typo. I ended up going for a shimmery gold gel pen.

2. Taking your paintbrush, apply the first coat of paint onto your canvas making sure you cover the corners and edges as well. Leave to dry for about 10 minutes.

3. Layer on the second coat of paint, focusing on the front of the canvas and not worrying too much about the edges. This coat does not have to be neatly brushed on and the thick, slight impasto effect is ideal. Leave this to dry for about 30 minutes to one hour, depending on your paint and how thick you apply it.

4. Get the text that you'll be writing out and have it in front of you, especially if it's quite a long piece of writing. I've chosen a few paragraphs from Lily Myers' slam poem entitled "Shrinking Women," which I've written briefly about before - basically this poem is a punch in the face. At this point, you can cross out, edit and correct anything on paper, which may save you from one minute mistake that ruins your whole word art piece. 

5. Practice the handwriting that you want to use beforehand on a separate piece of paper, then go ahead and begin writing on your painted canvas. You can choose how you want to write your piece; the options are endless!


And there you have it! A piece of writing documented in a unique way that you can keep forever!

- AlissAMR

7 January 2014

OOTD + mini haul

Top: Custom-made on Vistaprint.com 
Bottoms: Jay Jays
Shoes: Target
Bag: Market find
Necklace: Market find
Lipstick: Chi Chi 'Corporate Femme' via Gloss


Floral swimsuit dress $12.45 | RIVERS
Seeing as I only own one pair of swim separates, I thought it was time that I bought another swimsuit, especially for the week that I'm staying at the island in the Philippines known for its beaches... 
The photo doesn't show how lovely the silhouette of this swimsuit is; it's a one-piece disguised as a mini a-line dress! 

Beaded necklace $6.95 | FACTORIE
Jewellery that have symbols relating to the Buddhist culture will forever fascinate me, which is why I couldn't pass up this necklace. It has subtle pendants placed along the bottom half of the necklace - beautiful!

9x12" Canvas $2.50 | DOLLAR KING
A few days ago, I watched the video of Poetry Slammer Lily Myers performing "Shrinking Women" and then I watched it again after that and then once more. I loved it and I wanted to somehow show my adoration for it, so I bought this canvas with the intention to paint a thick layer of acrylic on, then write the entire poem on top.

- AlissAMR