31 December 2013

100 things I did in 2013

A bumpy road filled with its ups and downs, 2013 has undisputedly been the best and worst year for me. This year I have accomplished a lot, learnt a lot and experienced a lot. Taking inspiration from Youtuber Tyler Oakley, enjoy my year summed up in a few photographs and dot points! What has been your most memorable moment of 2013?

1. Went bowling in an empty bowling alley
2. Saw M.I.A perform live and grabbed her hand with my bestest bud
3. Began expressing a genuine interest in Julian Assange
4. Tried a waffle for the first time and fell in love
5. Went to a high tea on the hottest day ever recorded
6. Saw Life Of Pi and was surprisingly unimpressed
7. Saw This Is 40 and felt like I wasted 40 hours of my life
8. Saw Pitch Perfect and was surprisingly impressed
9. Went and wandered the streets of Sydney for Australia Day
10. Got too excited for Triple J's #99 and #40 on their Hottest 100 list
11. Studied like I've never studied before for Studies of Religion 2 Unit
12. Listened to The Strokes' One Way Trigger and became confused and disappointed
13. Managed to complete the most distressing oral assessment in school
14. Listened to M.I.A's Matangi Mixtape non-stop the day it was released
15. Started watching My Mad Fat Diary
16. Started watching GIRLS
17. Read a quote by Lena Dunham which changed my life - "get used to it because I am going to live to be 100, and I am going to show my thighs every day till I die."
18. Went to my first official football/soccer game
19. Finally saw Inglorious Bastards
20. Watched The Ring on Valentine's Day
21. Went and saw the DesignTECH exhibition
22. My business class had to do a case study on Arctic Monkeys
23. Celebrated birthdays at Pancakes on the Rocks way too many times
24. Wrote at least 3 creative writing stories
25. Cried during Marina Abramovic's film The Artist Is Present
26. Tried coffee and green tea together because a friend suggested it
27. Went and saw the Artexpress exhibition
28. Took photos of my art teacher when he fell asleep on the train
29. Was sent M.I.A promo posters from her Sydney show
30. Saw my old art teachers' daughters' work on display at 'The Social' exhibition
31. Got my hair cut professionally for the first time in 4 years and hated it
32. Wrapped a ridiculous amount of tape around my laptop so I could cram
33. Started going through a hip-hop/rap phase
34. Read all of Ted Bundy's Wikipedia page
35. Bought and surprised my best mate with Woodkid's Deluxe album 
36. Saw the fantastic Django Unchained
37. E-mailed my art teacher too many times to talk about my major work
38. Got April fooled by being sent a fake promo poster of a Woodkid performance in Sydney
39. Fell in love with Elle Fanning
40. Started and finished Breaking Bad
41. Obsessed over the Madeleine McCann case
42. Got drunk for the first time 
43. Had my last school photo taken
44. Kissed my gay friend
45. Saw the most amazing Hamlet production ever
46. Went to a keynote presentation at the IMAX theatre and saw a doco
47. Arctic Monkeys at Ventura. Enough said.
48. Had complications with boys
49. Got rid of a "friend"
50. Received an email back from my favourite visual artist, Aram Bartholl
51. Went on a Harbour cruise and discovered just how bad my motion sickness is
52. Went to Vivid Sydney
53. Experienced a Muslim Mosque and a Jewish Synagogue
54. Went to see my schools production of Grease
55. Finally received Year 12 Jackets after waiting months for them
56. Bought at least 7 pairs of shoes
57. Went through an extremely brief Kanye West phase
58. Completed my last high school assignment
59. Enjoyed every moment of streaming Arctic Monkeys live at Glastonbury
60. Gave myself my first stick and poke tattoo
61. Had the school textiles room all to myself for 4 hours for 2 days
62. Saw La Dispute for the second time in 2 years
63. Isolated myself from everything to study (dark times, guys)
64. Considered moving out to be closer to Uni
65. Surprised a friend for her 18th
66. Started and finished watching Friday Night Dinner
67. Followed the Manning trial every step of the way
68. Became genuinely upset because of school
69. Had my artwork exhibited at the Catholic Education Office
70. Actually participated at my last High School Athletics Carnival
71. Read a letter that I wrote to myself from Retreat 2012
72. Cut my hair short
73. Finished both my majors before its due date
74. Fell in love with Elizabeth Olsen
75. Took the day off school to buy and listen to AM on its release date
76. Told everyone to vote for The Wikileaks Party for the election
77. Woke up late, got ready for school, walked to school, took my major work to the staff room & got to homeroom on time. All in 30 minutes
78. Did nothing except take photos on the last day of classes
79. Graduated from High school
80. Attended my Year 12 Formal
81. Took too many shots at the Formal Afterparty
82. Started a blog :)
83. Went to the White Rabbit Art Gallery and wrote about it
84. Ordered JC Crown Lita's but never got them
85. Won a copy of Tiny Furniture
86. Got on the One Direction bandwagon
87. Finally saw The Hunger Games and hated it
88. Studied too little for my HSC
89. Got a job then lost it
90. Discovered British Youtubers
91. Listened to the studio version of Sexodus, which I had been waiting for all year
92. Completed the HSC
93. Watched Vlogmas videos religiously
94. Officially signed out of high school
95. Turned 18
96. Became a blogger for Chic Petite Events
97. Got excited for/bought/received Arctic Monkeys pre-sale tickets
98. Received my HSC results and ATAR and ended up on the 2013 Distinguished High Achievers list 
99. Dressed up as a present for a friends' Christmas party
100. Spent 2 days thinking of a 2013 summary blog post idea

- AlissAMR

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