24 September 2013


This morning I was browsing through my Facebook Feed, when I stumbled upon an article by MusicFeeds about M.I.A's not-so-recent Superbowl performance. The article is basically M.I.A's response to the whole ridiculous lawsuit and it includes the video shown below...

So after seeing this video come up everywhere on the Internet i.e. my Youtube subscription box, M.I.A's twitter account and the WikiLeaks twitter account, I had seen and read the different views on the whole situation, which made me want to make this blog post to share my own opinion on this topic.

~ ~ ~

I have been a fan of M.I.A for just a little under 2 years now. A friend introduced me to her album entitled '|\/|/\Y/\' which was released in 2010 although, I wasn't just introduced to a whole new genre that I came to love, but I was introduced to an abundance of new interests that I never knew I would make myself aware of. I began to educate myself on things, from the digital age and filmmaking to refugees and censorship. I became so conscious of the society I live in, so much so that I gained most of my inspiration from current affairs to create artworks or to write essays, mainly because I just really wanted to inform others around me of the real shit that's actually happening right now in the world, instead of addressing the cliched subject matter of teen love or teen angst.

Why am I writing about my interests? Because M.I.A has been the foundation of the person who is writing this blog post right now. I aspire to be like Maya Arulpragasam - powerful, confident, passionate, knowledgable and triumphant. She is a role model and I can safely say that many other boys and girls would say the same. I was fortunate enough to see her live in January this year, where her performance proved that fame has not got to her at all. Her intentions were to perform new material for her fans to record and leak onto the internet and when the occasional technical stuff up came up, she announced, "we're gonna take five, because the world didn't fuckin' end!"

I am 100% on M.I.A's side on this NFL ordeal. There are worse things that are being shown on television today - wars, terrorist attacks - and they want to make a huge deal over a 1 second show of a middle finger? It makes me angry that people today think that a flip of the finger will affect children today, when things like soft porn music videos and gender sexualisation is talked about everywhere, but it is never deemed as wrong as M.I.A's middle finger.

How is this OK?

- AlissAMR

21 September 2013

Our artsy day at Chippendale!

Welcome to my first blog post!

Today is the 21st September 2013 and tomorrow is my best friend's 18th birthday. My gift to her was a day out looking at art and treating her to some of her favourite foods. We headed into the city and after a spot of lunch and Maryann tearing up because of the food, we made our way to Chippendale for some art appreciation time.

We found loads of people setting up for what seemed to be a really artistic music video (because of the soft boxes, projectors, visual props and cameras). We both felt that something was up but sort of nudged it off and continued into the White Rabbit Gallery. The place was well hidden, but it was so aesthetically pleasing and the works were super impressive...
* Sorry I didn't write down or take photos of some of the artists/artist statements

^ This one stood out because, obviously, it was effing monumental, but also because it was kind of a consumerist take on feminism where the phrase "Diamonds matter most" is spread across the work in bright green neon lights and behind that; a woman sitting on top of a beast with her head held high. 

^ This installation was kind of relevant, as I'm going over to Asia for a month next year. I've been twice and I know what the poorer areas look like and I know what the wealthier places look like. This work has addressed the vendors that are so common in Asian countries and has become a part of their culture.

^ This work was extremely tedious. The artist had used a variety of stickers as their chosen medium, which I think addresses the chaotic contemporary culture in a way that is juxtaposed by a figure of peace.

There are more, but you'd be sat here for hours reading about my own critical interpretations of Asian art, so I'll stop here...

After looking through 4 floors of art, we stepped outside to find dozens of artists setting up installations. Maryann and I went for a walk and soon figured out that this was all part of the Beams art Festival as part of Sydney's Art & About Festival. Some of the things that were setting up were actually so so interesting;

there was an alley-way-long table for a feast;

a floating ball made out of goon bags;

and a morbidly rad face on a wall wearing a balaclava.

- AlissAMR